It’s Not About Me Week – Social Media Experiment

I’m going to try something different next week on social media and I’m wondering if you want to join me.

I’m guilty of promoting myself (I’m a freelance photographer and writer, so I need to more than most) 90% of the time on social media. Even when it’s not blatant promotion about posts or images or tours or etc… it’s about me. I know that’s a big part of social media, to communicate about ourselves to others, but I have had this growing feeling that it is a bit much. Not just me putting it out there, but seeing it as well.

I have a few friends who are great at gathering info, adding their twist and sending it back out and I find those folks very helpful. I’d say about half their posts/tweets/etc… are about themselves and I want to try to be like them for a week.

Heck, not even a true week, just five weekdays.

Next week, November 17-21, 2014, it’s not about me. Or, for those more social media literate, #itsnotaboutme.

At least half, if not more, of my posts, comments, tweets, etc… will be about others. And not just that crappy ‘liking’ and ‘favoriting’ crap. I plan to share other people’s work I find inspiring, funny, helpful, insightful or enraging (but thoughtful). I know a lot of great artists, most of them photographers, and they put out a TON of quality work. It’s time I talked about them for a while.

Don’t worry, the other 360 days of the year will be primarily about me, including the eBook I will soon release. See how easy it is? 🙂

Care to join me?

When you go to your favorite social media sites next week, think about someone else and how you can help lift them up, give them some spotlight or simply say “Thank you” in front of a larger audience.


3 Replies to “It’s Not About Me Week – Social Media Experiment”

  1. Richard Wong

    That’s a great idea, Peter. Maybe I should try something like that too. Pick a photographer or product / service to highlight for the day and just share thoughts, links to their work, their writings, etc…

  2. Rachel Cohen

    It’s really a good idea Peter! I try to promote others as often as I can, and you’re always one of those on my list! I’ll for sure continue to do this, and ramp it up a bit this week in honor of your post and suggestions! 🙂


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