It’s A Good Time To Clean Out Old Apps On Your iPhone And It’s Super Easy

Less unused apps = less stuff to update = less stuff to backup = less stuff to break on your phone = life is better.

If you have all kinds of apps on your iPhone in various folders and subscreens, it might be hard to know what you have and what can be tossed. Here’s an easy way to remove the cruft.

From your main screen swipe left until you get to the last screen which is an automatic grouping Apple made for you.

Click that box at the top that says “App Library”

Up pops an alphabetized list of all your apps, no hiding. Simply long press on any icon to see the option to delete the app.

Rinse and repeat!

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  1. R Scott Jones

    A helpful reminder! I have a ton of apps that I’ve kept installed because once in a blue moon I use them, and I because I so rarely use them, I forget what their damn name is. So it was great when iOS allowed you to have them installed but not clutter up the home screens. Since then, I’ve been trying to (slowly) delete those apps too, while keeping a list of them in a note in case I need that functionality again.

    Have you experimented with Focus much?

    I use them pretty regularly, including every night when I sleep. But I have really appreciated having an “Adventures” focus, which lets you customize stuff like notifications and home screens. So I have home screens for camping trips and overseas trips that don’t include things I don’t want/need to see (my task list, for instance) while giving better placement for apps I use a lot (my trip journal, google translate, etc). Pretty handy!


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