iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite vs Garmin inReach

When Apple announced the iPhone 14 would have an Emergency SOS via Satellite feature, I was intrigued. Especially since I had just bought a Garmin 66i for both recreational and emergency satellite communications.

Taking a close look, the Garmin (https://amzn.to/3Uh52Z8) is still the winner, bulky antenna and all. But the iPhone offers a great backup if you aren’t prepared and have no other way of communicating. It is not without its shortcomings, but it is a step toward cell phones becoming cell/sat phones.

I don’t own the iPhone 14 yet, so all information has been gleamed from press releases and Apple videos. I do own the Garmin GPSMap 66i featured in this video, which I purchased on my own. It is a wonderful tool and I happily pay for the service when I am away from civilization.

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