Introducing The People, Places and Patterns Project

It’s nearly 2010 and I simply can’t wait to start planning for big adventures ahead.  I’ve got this crazy idea, a crazy idea I’ve already purchased tickets for.  Like most of my crazy ideas, this one involves travel, a chance for you to help and receive an awesome fine art print in return!

I’ve named this project, set to complete before Summer, the People, Places and Patterns Project.  Every project needs a name and this one describes what I want to develop, photographically, during this journey.  I’ve mentioned before my evolving goals for travel photography, one of which is to include more people photos.  Without shots of people it’s hard to have true context of a place.  Combine that with my current plans to visit both Africa and Nepal this year, sprinkle with an ongoing desire to explore patterns in life and the PPP Project (or PPPP for super short) was born.

The idea is simple, to explore the people, places and patterns found in Morocco, Tanzania and Nepal during two planned trips this Spring.  Actually, it’ll include brief stays in Spain and Kenya as well.  My daughter will be joinging me on the Europe/Africa leg of the trip and I’m super excited to take her with me.  My desire is to collect images and stories from these distant lands and bring them back to share with my local and regional community through involvement in schools, libraries and community groups.  I really want to make this trip more than just “I went here and saw cool stuff.”  I want to inspire those in my community, young and old, to explore the world around them by opening their eyes to new and exciting cultures.  I’ve posted a video which describes more about this project at and I’m looking for a bit of help in making this project a reality.

For your assistance with the PPP Project I’m offering up fine art, hand printed and signed Giclee prints on archival watercolor paper.  And I’m offering them at a discount if you purchase them before the trip.  Plus, at a certain level of sponsorship I’ll send you two invites to a special gallery style opening night of the 25 most stunning images from the trips.  This party will include wine, grub and a slideshow.

I’ve set up a website on to explain this project and how you can get involved.  It’s very simple to provide support for the project and takes only a couple minutes if you have an Amazon account.  Take a look at the awards being offered and if you desire something that’s not on the list, send me an email and I’ll be glad to chat about it!

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  1. Sofia

    Wow, this sounds amazing! Only the picture by itself caught my eye, I will definately keep updated to see how it’s going.
    Will check out your links right away.

    Good luck with your project!!

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