In Redding

odo 169,688
6:30pm 11/25

We are staying at the Redding Ramada Inn. Like the Days Inn in Corvallis, it lives up to its two star rating, even though it costs more. We have a room …..ha ha ha…..I just heard Kim trip the malfunctioning car alarm in the parking lot…..anyway, we have a room looking towards I5 and we will be lulled to sleep tonight with its beautiful hummmmm….

But they do have an indoor pool which should help burn off some energy Sabrina has pent up all day. We only stopped twice this whole 9 hours so she’s got a lot stored. Hopefully this pool isn’t horribly green like the one I remember being some place in California when I was a kid. Or maybe it was Oregon. Anyway…

It’s about time to eat some dinner and hit the pool. Tomorrow will be about 6 hours of driving and hopefully a fill up of biodiesel in Phoenix, OR. We put in the last 10 gallons earlier today and have about 500 miles before empty. With the fill up, we should make it home no problem. Hopefully it’s cheaper than Santa Ana.

It looks like the Fains have left if their flight was on time. Something to be said for that flying thing…it sure is quicker. I hope you guys make it home ok and thanks for the fun times in Disneyland!!!

Just looked at the stats. This was our longest driving day and pretty easy all in all. We averaged 63MPH including the stops. Not the longest day (which was 14 hours coming back from Grand Teton), but definetly the most boring. Tomorrow is 313 miles and should be more pretty. Because of the terrain, I’m not uploading the few pictures we took.

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