If You’re Only Reading The Site, You’re Only Getting Part Of The Content!

300x300_rss First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check out The Carey Adventures!  Now, if you’re reading this from a feed reader or you’re Tambee, you don’t need to read the rest of this post.  But if you’re reading it on the site itself (and you’re still not Tambee) you are missing a chunk of content!    A possibly yummy chunk.

How can this be so, you ask?  I’ve started using Digg to mark web pages and other blog posts that are of interest with what gets posted on this site (Adventure, travel, photography, organics, etc…).  By using Feedburner to manage the RSS and other feeds, including email subscriptions, I can splice in those things I mark with Digg into the feed.  However, those items so marked won’t be showing up on the website!  So you may be missing some awesome, cool, bitchin’ content.  I try not to mark everything under the sun with Digg, only things I think others might find useful and relevant.

So if you haven’t already signed up, click here to read this site in a feed reader (Bloglines, myYahoo, Goolge, etc..) or here to sign up for email delivery of this blog.

Thank you!!


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