Hungry Rhino – Photo Of The Day

Description: Our first day in Chitwan National Park netted us an up close and personal encounter with this beautiful Indian Rhinoceros (or Great One-Horned Rhino) as it was grabbing dinner.

I like to avoid riding elephants while in the park for a variety of reasons, mostly due to my beliefs that the elephants are better off if we don’t domesticate and ride them.

So we walked the bush, often over our heads, while we did have one elephant and handler with us for safety. Rhinos seem pretty placid but they can run faster than us. It’s a unique experience and really gets your blood pumping to be on their turf and not the dominant species.

How close were we?

Title: Hungry Rhino

Location: Chitwan National Park, Nepal, Asia

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Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).