How To Help Friends Help Big City Mountaineers Help Kids

6660_1167363778714_1066516811_30522361_6569567_n I have three crazy friends.  Crazy because they want to climb Mount Rainier and have never climbed it before.  Crazy because they are actually going to climb it together this summer.

Crazy because, together, they have nearly raised $12,000 to help Big City Mountaineers help inner-city kids learn their inherent self-worth by matching them up with excellent role model mentors who show the kids a different side of life, and themselves, in the woods of America.  While I’ve never been a mentor with BCM, 27337_507477895_2887_n I was a mentor for five years of my life and I can tell you personally I’ve seen the positive impact on children of different ages when they are given a positive influence to follow.  Mentoring shows kids they can have a better life when they start believing in themselves.  Mentoring works.

And that’s why I’m making this simple post as a thank you to Tiffany, Candace and Sara for having the guts to not only make every effort to safely reach the summit of Mount Rainier (14,411′), but they will also make every effort to raise enough funds to help kids they’ll never meet find themselves in the great outdoors.24056_1354305652144_1066516811_31075762_8137317_n

If you’d like to help these three kickass climber girls meet their goals, please visit each of their donation pages with the links below.  BCM is a 501(c)(3) organization so your donation should be deductible from federal taxes.

Tiffany’s Donation Page

Candace’s Donation Page

Sara’s Donation Page

Thank you for taking the time to help out these three wonderful gals!!

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