How To Dry Yourself With Only A Hand Towel

PeterWestCarey-Peru2011-1204-2921Steve and I were kind enough to allow the three ladies traveling with us take a shower in our room before their late night departures. They had checked out of their rooms that day and we spent time wandering Lima, Peru. Before dinner, one at a time, they all took a shower in our room and we thought nothing of it. Steve and I were in a room for three people and this meant there were enough towels. Until the next morning when I went to take a shower….

Here then are my tactics for drying yourself when faced with only having a hand towel at your disposal. This list is in chronological order. Reversing this order would be very bad.


Start with face. Why? It makes you feel the best when it’s dry. Plus it’s a good place to start so you can see without water in your eyes. Resist moving to the hair is the case for most of us when ample towelage is available (I’ll explain why later).


Next are arms. They present no real danger to other body parts if moved to the front of the line.


Flip the hand towel over to your back. It’s one of the largest areas of your body and you should attack while the towel is not too soaked.


Move around to the chest. For hairy guys, this area can hold a log of water. Women may wish to hit the chest before the back depending on how much water ‘hides’. Yes, I plan to show this post to my daughter when she is old enough to be mortified by her Dad typing such things.

Arm pits

This is a personal preference. I prefer to go for the armpits before the legs because I have long, hairy legs, that hold a lot of water. I want my pits dryer than my legs as I often wear shorts and the legs can dry by themselves well enough. Deodorant is also harder to apply when pits are wet. My life is ruled by logic.


Moving on down, skip the crotch. Move directly to legs and feet. I prefer to only get the tops of feet, but that’s just me.


Second to last, go for hair. This is where the moisture resides and what will soak the small towel the most. We all know tricks for dealing with wet hair and that may be your only option.


Lastly, the crotch. We’ll leave it at that.

Bonus Tip

You can flip the towel over and get a bit more use out of it. I usually employ this technique on the legs. It’s not a huge help, but it does help. Try it on the hair too.

If you’re looking for a device to help you remember the order, an acronym created from this list would be Fab Calhc. I’m not sure what that means, but it’ll stick if you say it enough.

What’s your pattern for using a smaller than desirable towel to dry after a shower?

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