Hey Australia, I Miss You (And Your Waterfalls)

Description: My daughter and I watched a video the other day about Oregon’s Trail of Ten Waterfalls. It’s in a place called Silver Falls State Park and I don’t know how I drove by it so many times without stopping!

A cool feature of this 7+ mile trail are four waterfalls you can walk behind (Hey Paul, tell me you already know about this?). When I looked at the rock the falls fall over it reminded me of Natural Bridge in the Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park in Queensland, Australia. I was last there in 2009, so long ago that someone in one of my photos has a camcorder! Imagine…

Anyway, the rock is actually different than in Silver Falls State Park, I now realize. Silver Creek seems to be predominately volcanic basaltic type rock while Natural Bridges seems to be….different? I don’t know rocks that well.

But it got me looking back, so here’s the Photo of the Day, a 15 year throwback to my only (so far) trip to Australia. It is a waterfall that drops down a hold in the top of a cave. How cool is that? I’ll include top and inside images.

– Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge, Queensland, Australia (AU)
Natural Bridge waterfall inside a cave it carved out of volcanic rock – Springbrook National Park

Location: Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia

Photograph copyright Peter West Carey. All rights reserved.

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