Help Sherpa Guides & Porters Affected By Coronavirus Lockdown

Meet Kami. He’s a Sherpa guide in Nepal who runs all the local logistics for my photo tours in Nepal and he’s also my friend. He has a big heart, an infectious smile and loves sharing the beauty of Nepal with all who visit.

He’s looking for a little help for the 24 guides and porters he would normally be hiring for this Fall’s trekking season. All his clients have canceled while Nepal closed its borders for 80 days in May. Nepal recently reopened its borders but infections are on the rise and tourism is non-existent.

He’s made it six months by running through his savings and taking on loans, but funds are getting thin for all involved.

He’s looking to raise enough to pay 24 guides and porters just $250/mo to help them meet their families’ bare basic needs for living (rent, food, cooking fuel, water) during this upcoming season. For this, I am helping him by setting up a GoFundMe page:

Can you give Kami and his other guides a hand this season?

Thank you and please feel free to share with anyone else who has a love for Nepal and Southeast Asia.