Hanging out at Liz’s

8:25am 11/22

We made it to SF right about when we thought we would. Having a GPS with the computer made getting through the city and to her house so much easier. Liz and Jesse have been great guests and cooked us a fabulous dinner last night complete with brownies (yum). Sabrina, who was still awake at 11pm, commented that “I ate some food that didn’t have protein in it and was some brownies to close to when I want to go to sleep and now I can’t sleep and I’m acting crazy.” 🙂 Eventually she fell asleep but came upstairs at her normal 7am time so I’m sure she’s in for a big nap today.

It looks like things are fine between here at Disneyland and we’ll be taking off in a while. We’ll probably hit traffic in LA but the hotel has a pool so that’ll make up for it.


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