Guest Photographer – Greg Summers

GKS-BWIt’s that time of year again!  Time for more guest photographers while I recharge my batteries and go through over 15,000 images shot in Hawaii and Bhutan.

First up, is Greg Summers. Greg’s images will grace The Carey Adventures this entire week and I thank him for taking the time to submit photos, even though he made it hard on me by forcing me to decide between two cute turtle images later in the week.

1. Let us know your photography life story and the type of photography that interests you most.

Since the age of 10 when I received my first camera, I knew this was going to be a part of my life. I setup a darkroom in our house at the age of 16 and began processing film and printing pictures of my excursions around the USA and abroad. I majored in Photography in college and worked for the local newspaper and police department while in college. I miss the days of how you could manipulate the negatives & prints and create interesting & unusual pictures. I started working with digital film in the 1980’s while working in the intelligence field for the US government. These were the fun and exciting days of photography for me. Now I basically do photography as a hobby and to capture images of the places I have been in this world. My wife and I also scuba dive and I take our cameras under water with us to capture wildlife in their natural settings.

I like to take all type of photography from landscapes, sports, human interest, animals, & travel related photos. My favorite thing to photograph is animals in their natural habitat. Being able to capture a once in a lifetime shot of an animal in its natural environment is amazing.

I have always loved photography and I miss the days of having my own darkroom. One day I do not think film will be made anymore and up and coming photographers will miss the enjoyment of developing/printing & manipulating their photos like the older generation has done.

2.    If you could have a paid trip for 4 weeks anywhere in the world just to photograph and report back, where would you go and why?

I would take the 4 weeks and travel through South America starting in Brazil and work my way down through Patagonia and finally to Antarctica. The amazing sites that you pass through are a photographer’s dream. The people, sites and places that you will see would be a lifetime of memories. This is one of the places on my “bucket list” that one day I will visit.

3.    Name two of your photography inspirations.

My first inspiration is to make people look at something and see the beauty in what I just photographed. I love seeing people’s reactions to different photos I have taken and this inspires me more and more. I love shooting people in everyday life from concerts, parks, to just sitting on a bench. I always wonder if the shot I took is good or should I have waited for another few seconds.

My second inspiration would be to teach people what I know from years of being a photographer by either offering one day walk trips around Atlanta to a weekend shoot in the mountains. I am winding down on my third career in computers and will be deciding what I want to do with my photography very soon. Peter is an inspiration to me because he is doing what he loves!

4.    What do you hope to convey to others through your photography?

A sense of enjoyment and awe and possible to inspire someone to pick up a camera and go shooting. I think many people feel they cannot take good pictures or pictures worthy of showing to other’s. I would hope that people will look at some of the work and feel that they can take a good shot and get out and start.

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