Ghastly Gharial

Description: What is going on with this crocodile? Look at the length of that snout! And those teeth!

This is a gharial, a fish-eating crocodile found in the Northern latitudes of the Indian subcontinent, from Bangladesh through Nepal and into India.

In Nepal, where this fine specimen was photographed, most are found in breeding operations to repopulate wild populations. The recovery operation in Nepal, seen below, houses the crocs according to age, all the way up to the 9’/3m long behemoth breading pairs.

This operation inside Chitwan National Park is fighting an uphill battle as the gharials like to migrate down-river once they are released, straight into India. Good for India and the population in general.

The breeding center is something you will witness after a river canoe ride and short jungle walk on the Far Horizon Photo Tours: Wildlife, Temples & Vistas Photo Tour. You will also get a chance to spot wild gharials along the Rapti River and some of their cousins, the muggers (photos coming tomorrow!).

One thing I love about these ancient beasts is their patterns.

Or how about a little close-up?

Here’s a wider view of the breeding center with the gharials separated by age.

Title: Ghastly Gharial

Location: Chitwan National Park, Nepal, Asia

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Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).