Getting Things Done In 2021

I like post titles that rhyme. 🙂

Last year’s goals were pretty much shredded under Covid and lockdowns as things like “Visit 30 California State Parks” became impossible in April and May when they all closed. But I was able to read/consume 100 books! I feel short of my 1000 mile walking goal (only hitting 830) because I slacked off for October and November.

So let’s start fresh!

Why do I post these goals? To keep me honest and somewhat accountable. And to garner some support or camaraderie if others of you out there share a common goal or two. For instance; if you are on Goodreads, I’d love to see what you are reading and find interesting! Let’s connect here.

If we share any goals you see below, let me know! I’d be glad to be a cheerleader for you and to check in to help keep you on course. That’s what makes these goals enjoyable and worthwhile.

Here then are my goals for 2021 (with some already filled in because it’s the 5th).

2021 Goals

  • Drop weight to 175lbs – 196 currently
  • Keyword 5000 backlog images: 
  • Read/listen to 100 books and finish off what is on my shelf: 
    • 3
  • Visit 25 state parks:
    • Will Rogers SHP
  • Visit Utah and explore backroads, including badlands outside of Capitol Reef NP
  • Walk an extra 1000 miles:
    • 11.69
  • Row 650km: 
    • 10.4
  • Bike 2500 miles: 
    • 59.6
  • Be less of an asshole when I drive
  • Donate blood 20 times:
  • Volunteer 12 times: 
  • Go Kayaking and Camping in Canada with Nimmi


That’s all I have for now. Not much in the travel realm (outside of the US) because who knows. Have to be flexible one more year I supposed.