Getting Ready For A Long Bike Ride

This coming weekend I will be lacing up my running shoes to go biking for a good cause; The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It was over 25 years ago I first rode what was then called the MS150. It was a 150 mile bike ride near Seattle that was challenging and fun, with a good smattering of money raising for the MS Society. 25 years is a long time but I am finally ready to join my friends Shanna and Travis in Seattle for another ride this weekend.

While I am set to do the hard work, what I can use from you is a donation to help support all of those affected by MS. Interestingly I’ve never had a personal connection to the disease, but I do have a commitment to trying to make the world a better place, especially for those that need a little help.

My donation page is located here:

And I’ve done in the past, I’m offering to carry a brick with your name and message on it for the entirety of the ride. It’s a little stupid and silly and I think that suits me just fine. In the past bricks were $100 each and I was known to carry 15+ on several rides. But, inflation being what it is, they are now offered for a donation of $500.

The MS Society is a 503(c) charity in the US which means your donation can be tax-deductible. The company you work for may also offer matching gifts and that is a great way to beef up your donation with just a little paperwork.

Please consider donating any amount you can to this wonderful cause.

You can find more information about how your donation will help those with MS on this page.

Thank you,


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