Gates Of Oman

Fresh on the heals of Goats Of Oman, I bring you the varied Gates Of Oman.

Most houses in rural Oman are behind a solid wall with two entrances; one for cars and one for people. In this post I present to you a dozen gates I found to be more interesting than others.

Many gates have a translucent covering over the wrought iron adding both privacy and a glow in the right light. Many others are simple affairs.

If you have an inkling to purchase a pack of 5″x7″ blank greeting cards with any of these images custom printed in the USA, you can do that here.

BONUS! A Gate AND a Goat

2 Replies to “Gates Of Oman”

  1. Lauren, Ephemerratic

    Did you set out to take these photos or did you realize at some point you’d been taking lots of gate photos? I find sometimes that my photo essay themes sneak up on me!

    • Peter West Carey Post author

      I had no intention going there to shoot the gates. But they became so obvious and grand that it was easy. Most of the time my themes show up while I am there, although I do have some that cross borders and continents that I always keep in mind.

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