Fort Flagler Weekend – Triplogue Day 3

Continued from Day 2’s Post.

Day 3 started out as an ordinary pack up and head home day.  And that’s pretty much how it went for a while.  I got up a bit late and relaxed into the morning while Todd and Sheri made breakfast.  They were soon packed and heading home so I decided to hang for a bit as my ferry wasn’t leaving until 2:45pm (the Port Townsend route requires reservations in the summer).

After some reading I went for a short bike ride to get in shape for the MS Bike Ride in September.  And that’s when I had my first migraine.  Whoa nelly was it ever the worst pain I had felt in my life, especially in my head.  I was a mile away from camp when it struck slowly at first.  I had to walk my bike part of the way back it was so dibilitating.  Even thinking of it now causes a bit of memory pain.  Ick.  I called Kim and then writhed around in the tent for a couple of hours until it lessened.  Luckily this was in time to catch the ferry home but I was still not even back to 70% for the rest of the day.  It was pretty harsh.  Since then I’ve had two more that week and then no more. 

If you missed the first post in this trip, it can be found here.  Fort Flaggler is a great park with a lot to offer a family on a weekend or for a week.  With the wonderful port town of Port Townsend near by and Olympic National Park an hour’s drive away, this park is a great spot to relax, enjoy some beach and eat roasted marshmallows until your belly bursts.

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