For Sale: 1994 Chevy Suburban Silverado 2500 4×4

1994 Chevy Suburban Silverado 2500 4×4


Not only that, the new owner failed to change over the registration (although I sent in my paperwork) and then got a ticket in downtown Seattle. Whoever you are, pay your ticket.

Miles: 254,727

This truck has been around the block but wants to keep going. I am selling it to go all eco, hippie, granola Seattle-like and get something smaller, like a bike. Or a Smartcar. This truck has given me enough masculinity that I am ok with a Smartcar. Let it give you more masculinity, too.

I have owned this truck for six years if memory serves me well. It wasn’t in the greatest of shape at the time and it has stayed the same, more or less. It is a workman’s truck, not a fancy going-to-opera Range Rover. It is not pimp. It is not fly. It is not whatever else the kids are calling cool cars these days.

It is a truck to take to work and haul a LOT of stuff in. It can fit plywood, desks, beds (I have fit both a sofa and a full sized bed inside it), 45 corporate web servers, etc…. A lot of etc… It also can hit the trail and I have taken it off-roading in the Quilomene area of Washington as well as the White Rim trail in Canyonlands National Park and trails in Arches National Park, Utah.

There is a gallery of images at the end of this post.

What’s Right:

While this is an 18 year old car, there are saving graces:

  • The third row seat goes in pretty easily. Extra room! I have taken 8 people and 4-day-weekend luggage inside this vehicle and it is awesome.
  • Headlights! It’s got ’em!
  • Power windows all work. Which is good because, um….the AC doesn’t. It blows, but the system won’t hold gas. Living in the Puget Sound, this is only an issue about one week of the year.
  • The heater works. But not the back one. It used to and the fan still blows, so maybe a line is just clogged. But it does stay plenty warm and the windshield stays clear (so you can see the cracks) in the winter.
  • Power steering works.
  • Turn signals work although the right one flashes fast even though there are no bad bulbs. It’s odd, but so is the truck.
  • Radio is fine.
  • Tilt steering – check!
  • Power driver’s seat works (see below for caveat).
  • The speedometer is accurate and the miles are as well. All other gauges are accurate and warnings work, like low coolant.
  • Glow plugs work and it has an after-market oil pan heater. I rarely use the heater, but it does help on cold winter mornings.
  • 4×4 works and I use it from time to time when things are muddy. It actually works very well. Yay for not having to lock hubs!
  • The headliner rocks. It’s all there and happy. Seriously. It still amaze me, too.
  • The seats are comfy. I have driven this truck to Utah and enjoyed the trip.
  • 6 cup holders! And magazine (do you remember what those are?) holders in the back doors.
  • It can haul an entire Christmas tree INSIDE the truck. This is kinda awesome and by far the best air freshener I’ve ever used. It needs an airfreshener from time to time.
  • With seats folded down, it can haul 4×8′ sheet of plywood. Or an entire Ikea store.
  • It has a 40 gallon tank onboard and comes with two free 5 gallon Scepter diesel fuel cans.
  • Spare tire rim but no spare tire.
  • Washer fluid squirters work and so do the wipers. Two speeds and intermittent.
  • Cruise control also works just fine.
  • The second row of seats flips down without worry, leaving a space 8 feet long. You can camp in here. I speak from experience. You can probably throw a rave in here as well, but I have no rave experience.
  • Both front seats recline nearly totally flat (stopped by the second row of seats). This is very relaxing if you want to take a nap on a ferry boat.
  • No leaks! Somehow, this truck doesn’t leak water even in a car wash. It’s been a blessing to not have to deal with mold or mildew. It has say for a month in the winter and no additional moisture on the inside.

What’s not so right:

Did I mention this truck is 18 years old? It would be legal for it to vote and drink beer in Australia if it were a person. That in mind, all is not picture perfect with the Suburban. Here are the known items. If this honest approach doesn’t work, I’ll relist the truck and replace this section with, “Runs fine, needs minor touchups.”

  • The engine hesitates at times (hard acceleration). And leaks oil. And a little bit of coolant. Not so much coolant as oil. Don’t park it on your lawn unless you want your lawn dead. On the flip side, if you are good with trucks, replace the headgasket and a few other gaskets and things should be better. For the hesitating part, I believe this is because the helper pump is not performing up to snuff. It eventually catches up but you shouldn’t plan on running any races until that aspect is perfected.
  • This thing smokes like an asthmatic dragon when started. Not so much when driving, but also not the prettiest thing.
  • The truck did not pass emissions testing in Snohomish County in August. Not even close. (see dragon note above) Acceptable level of particulate is 40% opaque and this bad boy knocked out a solid 94.3%. Ouch. So, if you are in an emissions testing county, you will have to put in the extra $150 to get it checked and/or fixed before getting a waiver. I will deduct this amount from the total cost if you are in one of those counties.
  • The driver’s side door hinges need to be replaced in the next year. The door needs to be slammed or it slouches on the hinges. But it does shut all the way. This also means the inside armrest on the door has one screw that sometimes pops out because of yanking the door hard. Roll down the window and close the door and it is much easier. Oh, about rolling down that (power) window…
  • The driver’s side window squeaks going down and coming up. My daughter cries tears of misery when I have to roll it down, but it’s really not that bad.
  • The driver’s side mirror is missing a pin. This means the mirror is free to fold in or swing out, whenever it wants to. The poor thing took a whack to the side when I drove over a branch. The mirror is fine, but the whole unit can flap inward. Especially when you need to slam the door closed….then roll down the window to adjust the mirror. For the most part it stays in place and it doesn’t flap all over, just on the highway or big bumps.
  • The windshield is cracked with an impressive array of lines. It was this way when I bought it and it never improved. I have thought of stopping in one of those tents with “Free Windsheild Chip Repair” tents you see in mall parking lots just to watch them run in fright.
  • There are little chips in the paint here and there. There is a scratch on the front part of the roof where a careless tow-truck driver scraped it while removing it from a garage (long story, short: My friend told me to park in the wrong spot….leaving me to return 5 days later to an empty parking spot in the garage and a hefty tow/storage bill). There is a crack in the back quarter panel where something large hit the truck and the paint near there has chipped with some rust showing. That was before my time. But there is a dent in the driver’s side door from the stick that whacked the mirror. That was all me. It’s minor. The back doors have some scratches you can see in the images. It’s paint is what I like to call, “Not perfect, bit not horrible.”
  • The back bumper could use a little straightening as my ex-wife backed into a pole in a parking lot. The pole lost, if you’re curious. But it still looks slightly off.
  • There are stains on the carpets from cargo happening. It’s mainly manly stuff, like a little chainsaw bar oil and power steering fluid that sprung a leak. You can see most of it in the photos.
  • The back driver’s side door doesn’t lock. I have had it looked at and more intensive work needs to be done. The power locks work (Yay!) but not that door and you can’t work it manually.
  • One of the rear doors needs some hinge grease, but they both open.
  • That part about “Radio is fine” is mostly accurate. The tape deck is broken. And the equalizer display doesn’t show but the EQ works. You won’t get thumping bass but it does have 8 speakers, one of which might be blown (the one in what we call, “The WayBack”…the very rear).
  • One of the seatbelts is broken in the middle row, passenger side. When I bought the truck the clip side didn’t even exist but the strap was there. Don’t ask me what happened. So it is essentially a seven seater in a legal sense. It is a 20 seater in an illegal sense. You can probably fit a small orca on the roof if that’s the way you party (maybe you are into rescuing beached oracs, I don’t know).
  • The brakes are getting a little soft and could use some work.
  • The tires have about 47,000 miles on them and are getting to the point of needing replacement.
  • The spare tire is gone but the rim is included.
  • The wiring for the back lights needs to be redone. Don’t get pulled over, twice, like I have because the electrical tape comes off. It’s a simple fix but I lack tools. The lights all work when the wires all touch in the right way.
  • The driver’s seat works but there is a bolt or something missing so it can kinda wobble. Not far, but it moves. I used to have a strap holding the pieces together where the bolt was but it snapped, so now it wobbles, but only if you shift your weight.
  • There is a knob missing for the rear air controls. No problem, just pop off the one next to it for fan speed and you’re set. Or buy a new one.
  • It could probably use new shocks soon. It creaks and groans.
  • The previous owner smoked and the smell is not 100% gone. This is a workman’s truck, not a gangsta lowrider. It’s a little stuffy when you let it sit too long.
  • Sometimes the fuel gauge freaks out and thinks the tank is full and shows you this. When it is done laughing at you, it returns to normal.
  • The passenger side mirror is broken and gone. The mechanism for power mirrors works, but you will need a mirror and the backing that goes with it to snap in there.
  • The running boards came off at one point because they had cheap-ass tabs to hold them in place for only a decade. I have rebolted them down. They aren’t going anywhere.
  • One of the tire center caps is missing. This is not the prettiest thing. I’m sorry.
  • It takes about 2 gallons of oil at an oil change. You would be best off trying to genetically clone a dinosaur, bury it when it dies and then drill that for oil. It goes through maybe a quart of oil each two weeks. (see gasket comments above)
  • The “Service Engine Soon” light comes on at random times. This is not the “Check Engine” light, just the one saying, “Hey, change the oil or something.”
  • The driver’s side rear defrost doesn’t work. In other words, the left door defrost doesn’t work. It sometimes will, so maybe the contacts are just bad, but for the most part, defrosting is only on one door.
  • Behind the second row of seats are flaps that drop down when you are not using the third row seats, in order to cover the footwells for the third row seats. One of those flaps (they are actually hard plastic) is missing the latch to hold it up, so it flops down. More duct tape will fix this.
  • Sometimes you have to push up on the map/reading lights themselves to get them to work, but they all work.

Whew, I think that’s about it! The good, the bad, the ugly.

I am asking $1500. firm, for this truck as is. I accept cash. If you would like to see the truck in person, please email me.

Thanks for looking.