Find The Blues In Alaska

Description: Alaska is in a neck and neck competition with Utah for places I love visiting (but don’t really want to live in year round).

In this case, a fjord known as Tracy Arm that sees the terminus of two glaciers that start back in Canada. All that ice breaks off over time and this early season visit in 2021 had all kinds of bergy bits, growlers and straight-up icebergs floating in the water.

And when the sun is out? Those blues and greens and stone-cold grays make it heaven on earth for me.

It helps to return to an Uncruise Adventures 76 passenger ship after an outing, I have to admit. I was there on assignment for the company and the location was perfect for the outside 360° images I created for them.

A calm bay in Southeast Alaska showing towering peaks rising directly from the waterline of a deep fjord known as Tracy Arm. The water is littered with glacial ice in the form of bergy bit, growlers and icebergs proper. There are blue skies with a few wispy clouds and the sun is out in magnificent form. And it was freezing cold, but hopefully all the ice conveys that.

Location: Alaska, USA, North America

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email)

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