Experiments in 360° Video

For this post you will want to go full screen, ideally on a computer but a phone will work too.

Recently I purchased a 360 action camera and it was fun, but limited. It could go into water, something I look forward to using in warm waters one day, but I wanted something more akin to my Canon 7D II in quality and output.

If you don’t see the video below in your email, click here: https://thecareyadventures.com/blog/experiments-in-360-video/

Something More

Enter the Insta360 Pro II.

It’s go Pro right there in the name, something my Canon does not. Neither do the Nikons or Sonys or….wait a minute, none of those cameras are professional!

I digress.

This camera is a beast and fun to work with. It can output 8X video that is 360° of cool. Well, maybe just shy of 360° since it isn’t perfect at cloning out tripod legs. I’m still getting used to it but I made a short one minute test in the Santa Monica Mountains yesterday after a hike with fellow photographer Caleb Weston.

The lighting wasn’t the best, under trees with high contrast, but take a look below and see what you think. I also have room to grow when it comes to editing.

Go Full Screen

By the way, you’ll want to right click on the video and use the full screen option and pan around to see the world as the camera saw it. This video example is only 2.5K, a far cry from what it can really do.

Also BTW, if you have a VR goggle setup, let me know. I’d be glad to start posting stuff like this in VR mode instead of this monoscopic view.