Enter To Win Over $250 In Professional Panorama Software From Kolor And Help Passports With Purpose In The Process

If you have seen the panoramas here on The Carey Adventures and liked what you saw, here’s your chance to win the software behind the magic. And believe me, it’s the software that makes the panoramas shine.

That software is Kolor’s AutoPano Giga 2.6. It allows users to automatically paste together any number of photos, in any numbers of rows or columns, into one stitched panorama. It includes the ability to color correct and correct for differing exposures (in case you forgot to shoot manually). From two images to two hundred, AutoPano Giga can handle it. It also corrects for lens distortion and can even handle fisheye photos, like the ones shot by Uncornered Market.

I use this software exclusively for all my panoramas and love it. It has a Lightroom plugin to allow for easy handling and creation of panoramas. The software also has a fully manual mode for control freaks who want more finite image manipulation. And it will create panoramas well over one billion pixels large (gigapixel).

In short, the program is dreamy and retails for $250 in the US. It runs on both Mac and Windows machines.

How Do I Win This Software?

Kolor has been kind enough to donate AutoPano Giga as a prize for this year’s Passports With Purpose fundraiser. Passports With Purpose is a grassroots effort to raise funds for worthwhile projects to help every day people across the globe. Last year, the effort travel bloggers raised over $90,000 to build libraries in Africa.

This year’s charity of choice is Water.org and we are specifically raising funds to install a couple of wells to bring clean drinking water to a couple of communities who lack this basic life amenity. Your donation is tax-deductible because Passports With Purpose keeps 0% of the funds raised. All 100% of your donation/raffle entry goes to Water.org and their efforts.

For your chance to win AutoPano Giga, you will need to click over to the Passports With Purpose donation page. There you will find a plethora of great prizes, including this very prize. Simply fill in the quantity of raffle tickets you would like and then check out from the page just like any other shopping cart experience. It is quite easy and sometimes addicting.

Odds of winning are based on total entries. Not sure if you want this prize? Download a trial version for free and see what it can do for you.

Prize Specifics

If you are the prize winner, you will need to download AutoPano Giga from Kolor’s website. Heck, even if you don’t win, you can download the trial version and give it try. Kolor will be in contact with you directly as a prize winner and you will be furnished with a license key.

The prize is available worldwide except as restricted by local law.

This is a program I use regularly in my professional work. It is a program I trust to give me quality panorama results and I know you’ll love it. I thank Kolor for their help in bringing the most basic of needs, water, to strangers they will never meet in Haiti. And I thank Passports With Purpose for bringing this all together.

Good luck!

Sponsor Love

I would also like to thank this year’s Passports With Purpose sponsors who are helping us reach our goal in big and little ways:

Passports with Purpose

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