Don’t Neglect Your Personal Projects

Have you ever been busy?

I mean real busy, for months.

Or have you ever made excuses as to why you can’t spend time on a project that is, to most, frivolous and non commercial?

As someone who makes my living from photography in various means (shooting, instructing, writing, leading tours) I’m constantly having to think about my next payday. This means I often put out work that will appeal to a wide audience. Luckily, most of my interest is in an area of board likeability; landscape, scenic, travel. Happy stuff. Pretty stuff with bright colors.

I have found that posting high saturation colors, especially orange and red, tends to draw a crowd. Sunsets are a big hit looking at stats on Facebook and But that’s not all I shoot.

And likely it is not all you shoot either.

Do you have a particular subject matter that appeals to you but is not necessarily commercially viable material? I’m here to tell you to keep shooting that stuff. Keep at it, even if it is not popular.

That stuff feeds your soul or passion or whatever you find at the center of you when all else is quiet. It will probably never make you rich, but it will make life a little lighter and probably put a smile on your face.

Take time to shoot your personal projects. Plan it. Place it on a calendar. Give yourself 30 minutes each week to edit photos just for the fun of the photo, not because you think someone else will like it. Then post it anyway. Share it with the world if you like. Chances are someone else will find some inspiration in your ‘not popular’ images and that helps create more art. Which, I feel, makes the world a better place.

My personal projects come and go. One that has stuck with me for a while is a fascination with clouds. Mind you, I know squat about them, except the water holding part. But I like to shoot them and am enthralled with stormy days when clouds pass by, twisting and turning and lighting red and orange at sunset.

Below are images from this personal, not-so-profitable project on clouds. Please share yours in the comments section below. One picture or a hundred, it doesn’t matter.

5 Replies to “Don’t Neglect Your Personal Projects”

  1. Craig

    I like the cloud shots with all the pretty orange and pink hues to them. 😉 More seriously though, I’m fascinated with clouds too. I enjoy the movement of clouds. They remind me that absolutely nothing in this universe is static. That it’s always changing, and that the change itself is what is beautiful. For me that means mindful meditation. I can see that same sense in your photography and it speaks to me. Thanks Peter.


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