Do It For The Cookies Or Because There Is No Artificial Blood

Description: Look, I really don’t like needles, probably same as you. I can’t even watch a scene on TV where anything pierces the skin.

And yet, I donate platelets (a part of blood that helps the blood congeal) somewhat regularly. I think you should to.

Why? Because there is no artificial blood. We can make entire artificial hearts and pacemakers and knees and all kinds of human parts. But not blood and its components.

When my Dad went in for bypass surgery many years ago, I remember looking at the bill afterward where everything was lined-itemed out. There were four units of blood listed. They may not even have had to use them, but because of the procedure the blood needs to be brought out of cold storage and warmed up to be ready in case it is needed.

Then it is done. Either it gets used in that surgery or it is disposed. It’s not last night’s pizza that you warm up but don’t finish and decide to put back in the fridge the second night.

That blood that was set aside for my Dad came from a human who donated it. Sometimes donation operations will pay you for your blood or plasma or platelets. Some don’t.

I donate through the Red Cross. I know they make money from my blood (the sell it to hospitals, surgery centers and blood banks to fund operations) but I also know dozens of people have benefited from my donations over the years.

It has been stated by the Red Cross that only 1% of the people in the US eligible to donate, do. Be part of the solution: donate just once.

You get free cookies and juice.

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. If you want to use it in some campaign to help get more people to donate blood, go for it, you have my permission.

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