Dents In British Columbia

In September, Pam was fortunate enough to be invited by BC Tourism for a little spin around the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada… a 32′ RV.  Fearing the worst may happen if she didn’t surround herself with a crack squad of experienced Road Trip experts, she still found a valid reason to invite Kelly and I.  This was something new for both Pam and Kelly, neither of whom had driven such an RV.

The trip was a lot of fun and I still have posts to write about our adventures.  There was one little mishap though.

What you are about to witness is a re-creation of actual events, followed by Pam’s “Lessons Learned” session when we returned our dented RV to Fraserway RV in Langley, BC.  If you’d prefer to read Pam’s rendition of events, her blog does a wonderful job of that.  And for the record, the dent is bigger than the video shows, plus we could not open that door again.

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