Dang, The Holualoa Inn Is Comfy!

Holualoa Inn I like any Bed & Breakfast that doesn’t have a front door.  Tucked back off a side road in the hills above Kilua-Kona on Hawai’i’s Big Island, the Holualoa Inn sits on 30 acres with a commanding view of Pacific sunsets.  It’s relative isolation amongst coffee plants and sculpted grounds on the dry side of the island allows for an easy open air setting.  Including no front door.

After removing my shoes and stepping onto the cool hardwood floors, I wandered the main gathering rooms for a bit taking in a vast array of Buddhist and Southeast Asia decor and accents before shuffling over to the kitchen where I heard laughter.  Noe was the first to greet me with a large smile and inviting, “Aloha!”  Brain, the inn’s cook, was also in the kitchen preparing a snack.  My first feelings of the inn were welcoming and calm, making me feel right at home, if my home happened to be on a tropical island with a stunning view of the ocean.

After a tour of the grounds including the pool, game and gathering room, guest kitchen, laundry room and my room, I was very eager to….relax.  And explore.  Luckily, both are easily accommodated at Holualoa.   My first target was the rooftop gazebo.  With two lounge chairs and within reach of the house’s wifi signal (copper roofs left my room without a signal) I kicked up my feet to soak it all in.  In front of me was the entire town of Kilua-Kona and endless miles of ocean.  I was too far up to hear the waves, but a warm breeze rustled the palms and swept through the gazebo.  Ok, ‘warm’ isn’t quite accurate.  It was a hot day in the high 80s by the time I arrived and it felt wonderful to be out of the sun and relaxing with my feet up.Holualoa Inn

But curiosity soon got the better of me and I began to explore.  Reading through the literature in my room I decided to walk up to the labyrinth just above the main house.  What a great way to unwind from travels!  And as Noe pointed out later, it’s a great was to start the day too.  For those not familiar, a labyrinth is a design often mistaken for a maze.  The main difference is the labyrinth has only one path to the center and you can’t get lost.  Not literally any way (this labyrinth was cut into two inch high grass).  It is meant to be a meditative practice of moving towards a centering without worrying about everything else going on around.  Holualoa InnAnd it’s a calm way to end the day.

My time at the Holualoa Inn was short as my itinerary was jam packed with activities, but Brian always made sure I had a scrumptious breakfast before heading out.  I’m not normally a fresh fruit eater, but when in Hawai’i…..  This was my first introduction to fresh guava right off the tree and I admit it my first sampling at the inn got me started on a trip filled with much more fruit.  I still don’t think my daughter would believe just how much fruit I ate.  My favorite though was the banana pancakes the second morning with just a bit of cinnamon.  Fresh mango juice, views out to the water, a nice cup of tea…..ahhh, every morning should start like this!

With so much to offer I’d like to return in order to:

  • Get a massage in the open air cabana overlooking the ocean
  • Holualoa InnUse the hottub which is so secluded I didn’t find it until I was leaving
  • Just sit and read on the many decks
  • Hit the local grocery store (they have a kitchen downstairs and spot in the fridge for each room)
  • Relax in the common room downstairs and played a game
  • Gone for a dip in the pool (yes, I was too busy to even swim!)
  • Explore the grounds fully
  • Peruse the local artist shops in Holualoa

I could easily stay a whole week at the inn and enjoy every minute in a different nook or cranny.  It is a convenient 10 minute drive into town (on some VERY curvy roads!) and a great spot centrally located on the West side of the island.

Note: The gracious management of Holualoa Inn offered to host me during my recent trip to Hawai’i.  They, however, did not request this review be written.  That being said, hands down I’d stay with them again in a heartbeat. And if you want more than my opinion, check out reviews from around the web compiled on Uptake.com.

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  1. pam

    That town is one of my FAVORITE spots on the big island. I’m super envious that you got to stay there, but just as well it was you, not me, I’d have refused to leave.

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