Current Conditions In Armenia

Hello everyone. Currently I am in Armenia with a group that includes a film crew from Fresno. The media group from Fresno was originally coming to cover a medical conference and mission, but that shifted. 

They (3-person media group) took off around 8am yesterday to head toward the border. The town, Goris, is about 4 hours from here.

Since we arrived about 55,000 refugees have entered Armenia. There has not been any visible impact in Yerevan and life seems normal. But as the other 50-70K refugees arrive, I am sure that will change. 

The country’s population is about 3 million, so absorbing an additional 120,000 in about 12 days time will be trying on resources. 

While the US has pledged $11.4mil for aid, that is only about $100/refugee. Other counties including the EU, Japan, Germany have been sending money and resources as well. 

The situation for those that have left their homes, businesses, lives is hard to fathom.

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