Call For Guest Photographers On The Carey Adventures

It’s that time of the year again!  Want to see your photographic work highlighted on The Carey Adventures as a guest photographer?  I’m taking submissions from now until next Friday, the 26th for one of the 10 spot for this Fall’s Guest Photographer series.

While this site primarily features travel related photos, anything goes that is of a tasteful and quality nature.  Having Guest Photographers is all about mixing things up a bit to provide some inspiration and variety.

If selected, the gig entails me posting a quick bio about you along with your answers to four questions.  I will then also need 8 images from you (don’t send them yet!) to highlight during your week.  It’s a chance for fame an fortune beyond your wildest dreams!!!  Or maybe just some internet limelight. I give full links back to your site as well as social media contact info. I don’t want your photos to sell or misuse and this certainly isn’t a rights grab.

Why do I do it? To mix things up a bit and give some exposure to different artists. I also enjoy a break from finding my own shots for a bit as well as the inspiration I hope we all receive from some added variety.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to be selected.  If I have less than 10 entries I will simply go with the number who sign up and qualify.  If more than 10, I’ll base the selection on my personal preference and what I believe the audience here would like to see.   Guest spots will begin posting on September 26th and you can subscriber here to receive them all.  One note! Sorry, but previous participants need not apply this time around.  I want to keep the list or artists fresh.

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  1. TC Morgan

    The form above doesn’t seem to be working for me. Maybe because im on linux right now.
    Figured I would post here as well, just incase.

    Why not? lol. =) Honestly, never heard of your website until right now. I was doing a google search for star trails photography. Saw this and figured might as well give it a go. Anyways, thanks for checking out some of my work.



  2. Nadya Light Photography

    The same is happening for me as the above comment…so have posted here too.
    Hello Peter,
    In my travels through the internet, I found your “call for guest photographers”. What a great idea! I would love being a guest here. I totally relate to your premise for respect of the Earth, as well as the adventures that you encounter with photography as your vehicle.
    I have had a curiosity that developed into an absolute passion during the last 45 years for both art and photography. As an artist first, I have always seen my surroundings through the world of imagination, light, color and vibrancy. Photographically, I endeavor to bring that forth to people, while telling a story of the moment as I get it, thru the lens of whatever camera I have in my hands.

    I would love to share my passion for photographic expression, which encompasses all that I see. Sharing my excitement for life and light, with a wider scope of people is something I would be honored to have an opportunity for. Being a guest photographer on your blog would move that forward.
    If I can bring a few more smiles to this world or light a few more candles of hope, or warm another heart, maybe connect another person to their own inspiration, or brighten a person’s day from sharing some my works..then my mission is accomplished fully.
    ~Thank you for this opportunity,
    ~Hope to hear from you soon.
    ~Nadya Light Mahoney of Nadya Light Photography

  3. Amanda

    Form not working for me, either…

    While I wouldn’t call myself “great,” I do really love taking photos when I travel. To me, capturing a great photo on the road is better than any souvenir I can bring home (and much cheaper, too!). I love color, life, landscapes, and anything quirky or interesting. I feel like I have a good eye for pretty things, and I’ve begun to feature my photos much more prominently on my blog lately. I would love the opportunity to share my photos on your great site, and to get a little more exposure for some of my shots!

    And here’s a link to one of my recent Flickr albums:

  4. Itai

    Can it be a coincidence? I’m also on Linux and I got a ‘Form Error’. Please let me know if you got a submission from me.



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