But Would It Make A Good Print?

Description: My photography subjects and style are varied and I am just going to accept it. They won’t be perfect for making a print and hanging on a wall.

I am not one style and look. Many photographers that become well known do so while specializing in ‘something’. You often know the photographer the moment you look at the photo. And that is commendable.

But it’s not me.

Yesterday’s photo was of the cargo facilities in Long Beach. Today’s is an abstract image of the sunrise reflected in Puget Sound. Who knows what tomorrow’s will be (but I am heading to the desert, so I am thinking it might be brown).

With this eclectic take on photography, I doubt I will rise to prominence in the field, and that is okay with me. I still get paid well from clients who appreciate my skill in delivering high quality images they admire. And that (along with a very supportive wife) affords me the freedom to take pictures of things that won’t wow the masses.

Location: Clinton, Washington, USA, North America

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email)

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