Boudhanath At Night

Description: Boudhanath is a great escape inside Kathmandu. While it is still a relatively busy place, the Tibetan custom of circling shrines in a clockwise direction brings order to a city permeated with directional chaos.

What’s more, a number of restaurants in the complex have rooftop dining giving an exalted view of the temple.

If you have seen my previous images of Boudhanath, you may notice there is a lack of humans on the flanks. According to my friend Kami this is because of too many people using those areas, away from the constantly moving crowds below, as a location for photo shoots.

In essence, it had become more of a prop than a place to worship.

Sure, people still take their selfies and portraits from the ground (I walked through at least three sets of people doing this just while circling the base) but at least the temple itself. I longer looks like an outdoor photo studio.

High view of a Buddhist temple in Kathmandu.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia

Photo copyright 2023 Peter West Carey