Boudha Backstreets By Motorbike

In the last of a two-part series I just made up, it’s time for a night ride on a motorbike through the very tights and often blind-cornered streets around Boudha, home to Boudhanath Stupa (look for it midway through the ride).

One thing I have learned about getting around in Nepal, whether it is on the back of a motorbike, in a taxi, shuttle van or just crossing the street: people are indifferent while driving, for the most part.

Horns are used to warn someone to get out of the way. But sometimes out of frustration. The concept of personal space and the act of ‘being cut off’ that we have in the States doesn’t really exist.

Indifference means traffic flows and people aren’t assholes to each other because you don’t take it personally. If you did, your head would explode with rage. Instead, you let it roll off your back and keep getting to where you’re going. Cutting in front of someone is not considered rude, it’s just what everyone does.

And it takes some getting used to.