Book Reviews From April, 2021

Welcome to the April Book Review. I know it’s May, but these were the books I finished in April. I only got through 7 instead of my planned 8, but I hope to make it up next month.

Ranked in order of stars:


– “No Time Like The Future” – Michael J. Fox

 – “Digital Fortress” – Dan Brown

 – “Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St. Helens” – Steve Olson

 – “Live! From Death Valley: Dispatches from America’s Low Point” – John Soennichsen


 – “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate” – Alexander McCall Smith

 – “The Piano Tuner” – Daniel Mason


 – “Detour From Normal” – Ken Dickson

Instead of that last one, take a look at “Girl Walks Out Of A Bar” by Lisa F. Smith instead.

What are you reading this month?