Bloggers Who Care And Where To Find Them

I have had on my list of post ideas “Bloggers Who Give Back” as a post idea for a while.  The idea was to highlight a few bloggers who make a point of trying to make a difference in the lives of others.  And then Passports With Purpose came along again this year and made my job easy.  Below is a list from PwP’s site listing all the contributing bloggers.  These are people that have done just a little, procuring a prize, writing a blog post, to make a difference in the lives of people far, far away.

Their hearts are in the right place.  Check out their blogs, you might connect with other things they are doing and saying.

  • DeliciousBaby – Making Travel With Kids Fun, written by Debbie Dubrow
  • Nerds Eye View – Travel narrative and photography with an emphasis on Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. Written by Pam Mandel
  • WanderMom – Michelle Duffy writes this blog about traveling with kids.
  • WanderlustAndLipstick – The website by Beth Whitman focusing on women’s travel
  • A Dangerous Business Getting swept away in travel around the globe and around the corner through travel stories, tips, photos, videos and more.
  • A Little Adrift Shannon finished a RTW trip in 2009 but couldn’t stop the traveling bug and now continues exploring the world sharing stories, photos, advice, and tips for other travelers – or even armchair travelers!
  • A Traveler’s Library A Traveler’s Library is a place to discuss books and movies that inspire and inform travel. I also share my own travels as related to books and movies.
  • Adventure Gill Kristen Gill is an adventure traveler and photographer who enjoys hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, sailing, paragliding, surfing, backpacking, and anything else you throw her way! She also enjoys discovering new cultures, while reveling in their unique food, drink, sports, and traditions.
  • Alaska Travelgram Alaska Travel Evangelist
  • Amber DeGrace My personal evolution and exploration into the fine art of living. Travels + Food + Drink + Parenting.
  • andiamo andiamo is the personal blog of Jessica, author of BootsnAll’s Italy travel guide, WhyGo Italy.
  • Around The Bloc A gathering place of writers, travelers, and activists, spearheaded by author Stephanie Elizondo Griest.
  • Arrows Sent Forth Blogging about adventures at home and away with children. Based in Columbus, Indiana.
  • Series of Cultural Travel Journals, good for the trip researcher & armchair traveler, focusing on art, food, culture, stories & photographs.
  • Travel Blog Travel planning, vacation inspiration & trip ideas from
  • Backpack to Buggy All about travel with the kids, not for the kids.
  • Best Family Travel Advice A Q&A site featuring respected family travel experts. Our panel of online family travel experts answer questions sent in by our readers, and link to more detailed answers on their own blogs.
  • Big Island On The Cheap Life, culture, and fun in Hawai‘i – for less.
  • BreatheDreamGo Mariellen Ward publishes She loves traveling in India, writing and yoga. She hopes her blog inspires others to breathe, dream and go. And she tries to be a positive force.
  • Briefcase to Backpack Briefcase to Backpack offers travel advice and inspiration for Americans taking a career break or sabbatical. Usually common amongst people from the UK, Australia and Canada, we aim to make the concept of cultural career breaks acceptable to Americans! Briefcase to Backpack is also the creator of Meet, Plan, Go! Travel events around the country.
  • Budget Travel Intentions Travel that is focused focus on budget travel, family travel, and my insights, tips, and views from my experiences. Looking to encourage people to travel, get the most out of their experiences, and make a difference in the world.
  • Budget Travelers Sandbox Providing priceless information for the independent budget traveler. You’ll discover local food, entertainment, what to do, and where to stay, along with some beautiful photography.
  • Cascadia Kids Cascadia Kids connects families with the best kid-friendly destinations, hotels, attractions, restaurants and shops in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.
  • Cheap Weekend Breaks Explore the world one weekend at a time with Cheap Weekend Breaks – Your perfect guide to planning a weekend away
  • Cheapest Destinations Blog Travel author Tim Leffel’s guide to bargain destinations, value travel strategies, and the cheapest places in the world to live and vacation.
  • Chris Around The World Chris Around The World is a destination blog catering to “value luxury” travelers interested in boutique or unusual experiences.
  • Ciao Bambino! Ciao Bambino is a worldwide family travel resource providing the insight and information parents need to plan everything from weekend getaways to multi-week vacations with kids. Ciao Bambino makes it easy for families to uncover the best of where to go, where to stay, and what to do once they get there.
  • Coconut Radio This blog follows Celeste on her travels as a Lonely Planet author, around her adopted home in Tahiti and as a person re-discovering the USA after 17 years abroad.
  • CoJoVo A mostly Pacific Northwest travel log.
  • Desperately Seeking Rootbeer Travel, food, science, humor and occasional posts devoted to root beer and how hard it is to find root beer in certain parts of the world.
  • Danger Jill Robinson One trip is never enough for Jill Robinson, who writes about travel, adventure, food and building her home on a remote Caribbean island.
  • Discover. Share. Inspire. Our family of save seeks to Discover the world, Share it with enthusiasm, Inspire others to live their dreams.
  • Dog Jaunt Dog Jaunt is a travel blog for people who want to take their small dog along with them, on trips of any length.
  • Escape From New York Travel tales, photography and tips from around the globe.
  • Elephant Ivory Project EP is a production team with the mission of “Conservation Through Exploration”
  • Emily Nuchols A blog on conservation, adventure, social media, eco warriors, yoga, trail running, wild places, free-flowing rivers, urban gardening, travel, chocolate, coffee + wine
  • EverTheNomad EverTheNomad is a blog by travel writer Anja Mutic, with musings and photographs from her worldwide wanderings.
  • Everything Everywhere Everything Everywhere documents the travels of Gary Arndt who has been traveling around the world since March 2007.
  • Family Adventure Guidebooks “Bridget Smith, mom of three, loves to blog about everyday adventures. Her mission is to change the world; one kid, one destination, one effortless trip, one overworked mom, one frazzled dad… one day at a time! Come and join her.
  • Food Freeway Food Freeway is part of Wanderlust and Lipstick – it’s a quest for delicious food, new cultures, and the spectacular combination of the two. It’s guaranteed to be a sweet, scrumptious and spicy journey!
  • foXnoMad Anil Polat is a traveler and travel enthusiast who writes the foXnoMad blog.
  • Gadling Gadling is the world’s top travel blog, written and edited by passionate travelers and writers. Covering fun, interesting, and relevant travel, Gadling is the premiere source for everything from general travel news to highly specific travel tips, from budget travel to adventure travel — and for everything in between.
  • Go Backpacking Go Backpacking is an independent guide to budget travel around the world.
  • Got Passport: Will Travel. Will Serve. Family of Three. Left the Rat Race in the US. Living and Serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Live Small. Live Green. Give Large. Take Notice. Take Action.
  • Grantourismo Travel writers Lara Dunston and Terence Carter are on a quest to promote local travel, experiential travel, and slow and sustainable travel
  • Hammock in Paradise Hammock in Paradise is a travel blog detailing tropical destinations, island food, tropical drinks and island life.
  • Have Baby Will Travel Your online guide for traveling with babies, toddlers, and young children. For parents by parents, Have Baby Will Travel wants to help you get away with baby!
  • Heather on her travels Travel Inspiration and information with travel tales, photos, videos and podcasts from Europe and around the world
  • Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel After years of working at jobs that paid the bills but brought no joy, in 2007 Weibel walked away from corporate life to backpack around the world solo for six months. The travel bug bit so hard that Weibel subsequently opted for the life of a digital nomad; today she travels nine months each year.
  • Hoop Trek Travel With hula-hoop in hand, travel blogger Amiee Maxwell travels across the American West searching for natural hot springs, bizarre-o geology, and desert art and anomalies.
  • Irish Fireside Podcast & Blog The Irish Fireside Podcast & Blog shares information about Irish travel, culture and items of interest to the Irish diaspora. Whether it’s a recipe for Irish scones, an off-the-beaten-path location, or their humorous Irish-American Road Trip video experiment, the Irish Fireside offers the perfect spot to pour yourself a drink, sit back, relax, and dream about Ireland.
  • LoveBaby LoveTravel LoveBaby LoveTravel is designed to give families useful tips for travelling at home and abroad. Travel doesn’t have to end when your first baby comes along, or even when your children outnumber you!
  • Imagine That Aloha left for Asia when she was 16 and, intrigued by its stories, never left. Traveling from her base in Bangkok, Aloha has been stuck in an ash cloud in France, trapped in a flash flood in the Philippines, caught in seven coups d’etat in Thailand, and spent a week not talking at a Benedictine Abbey in Jamberoo, Australia. Her writing and photographs have been featured in CNNGo (USA), UTATA Tribal Photography Magazine (USA), Bangkok 101 (Thailand), Seventeen magazine (USA), Estamos! (Ecuador), The Korea Times (South Korea), and several books including Danse Avec la Terre, a photography book for Haiti published in France.
  • Inside the Travel Lab Exploring the art and science of unusual journeys, Inside the Travel Lab injects some curiosity about the rest of the world.
  • Johnny Jet Travel News and Tips
  • Legal Nomads Founded in April 2008, Legal Nomads chronicles former lawyer Jodi Ettenberg’s misadventures as she travels & eats her way around the world.
  • Lola Akinmade Official website of travel writer and photographer Lola Akinmade.
  • is the blog and online portfolio of Taiwan-based adventure travel writer and photographer Matt Gibson.
  • Midwest Guest Midwest Guest is a regional travel blog covering interesting places, people, and things in the Midwestern United States.
  • Mira Terra Travels Mira Terra Travels is the blog of a travel photographer, videographer, writer and tour director all in one! Based in Cardiff by the Sea, CA, Kymri Wilt features images and stories from her various travels and assignments, and shares her passion for culture, wildlife, surfing, and being a mom.
  • Monkey Brewster A monkey on a mission to figure out what makes you humans tick. Cornelius creates a travel blog witha twist, a tail and some fur.
  • Mr & Mrs Smith Travel Blog The Mr & Mrs Smith Luxury Travel Blog. Get the low down on boutique hotels, destination inspiration and insider travel tips from around the world.
  • Ms. Adventures in Italy Ms. Adventures in Italy is my blog about cooking, exploring and tasting new specialties and my travels in Italy as well as around the world (now up to 24 countries!). Ms. Adventures is an intentional play on words between misadventures and a gal who is constantly curious and seeking adventures.
  • My Itchy Travel Feet At My Itchy Travel Feet, Donna Hull writes about active travel for baby boomers. Using her personal travel experiences, and the inspiring photographs of husband, Alan Hull, she inspires boomers to get up off the couch and go.
  • No Beaten Path No Beaten Path is about exploring the world, our own way. It’s about travel with kids, travel in general, and lots of other things as well. Mostly informative, often entertaining, completely content driven.
  • Nomadic Chick Follow Nomadic Chick’s adventures as she morphs from corporate worker to world traveler. Through her website she shares travel stories, photos, interviews and inspiration. A dose of the unknown may be just what she needs!
  • Nomadic Matt The number one source for budget and independent travel information on the web.
  • Northwest Cheapsleeps All about budget travel in the Pacific Northwest. I write about where I like to go, and the affordable places I find to stay along the way.
  • No Vacation Required We turned life upside-down in order to live deliberately, work virtually and travel deliriously – all at the same time.
  • Ottsworld Sherry has been traveling the world now for 4+ years sharing her travel and life experiences. What started as a career break around the world trip has turned into a nomadic lifestyle. Whether it’s volunteering in remote Nepalese villages, learning how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam, or driving in a charity rally from the UK to Mongolia; she takes is all on with humor and a camera. Check out her experiences and stunning photography on her adventures from destinations less traveled.
  • Pacific Northwest Journeys Custom itinerary planning for travelers to WA, OR and BC. Owner Sheri Doyle blogs occasionally about her travel and restaurant experiences.
  • Pampers and Pakhlava Pampers and Pakhlava chronicles my triumphs, tribulations, tips, and ultimately, my travels as I navigate the complex roads to adoptive parenthood. Some might fend off a mid-life crisis by leaving the comforts of their corporate salary to jet off to a deserted island. I’ve chosen to dive head-long into my 50s and beyond by becoming a first-time parent. Pampers and Pakhlava explores my adventures in international adoption, as I juggle paperwork and jockey bureaucracy in the U.S. and abroad to adopt a child from Armenia.
  • Pit Stops for Kids Pit Stops for Kids provides real-parent reviews of family-friendly hotels, resorts, restaurants, museums, and outdoor areas across the US, hopefully making YOUR next vacation more kid-friendly!
  • Pulpology: Mark & Sonia’s intercontinental absurdities Two foodie/wino/scubatastic geekburgers feeding our travel addiction.
  • Roaming Tales Travel and food blog with emphasis on independent travel.
  • Sharing Travel Experiences Sharing Travel Experiences is a travel lifestyle magazine, dedicated to helping travelers around the world travel more!
  • Simon’s Sabbatical 40 year old drops out to see the world and find himself. Maybe.
  • Spunky Girl Monologues Solo Traveler. Spunky Woman. Pamela is leaving Canada to travel round-the-world. The misadventures begin Sep 10th.
  • The Broad Brush Todd blogs about a variety of topics with a bent towards social media, blogging, and business. His approach is about teaching, sharing and story telling. Don’t be surprised to find posts about postcards, fun projects, and wonderful people there.
  • The Brooklyn Nomad The Brooklyn Nomad is a travel site full of travel stories, travel tips and hotel reviews from a New Yorker with a serious case of wanderlust.
  • The Carey Adventures The Carey Adventures is a whacked out, fun-filled, wild romp through the world of pictures and stories during our travels. Be crazy, join us.
  • The Culture Mom Culture Mom is a gallant, worldly irreverent, urban explorer with broad cultural interests. We’re passionate about travel, film, TV, reading, music, art and new experiences, both for us and our children.
  • The Flying Salmon The Flying Salmon, a blog focused on the Pacific Northwest, is part of the Wanderlust and Lipstick family.
  • The Global Citizen Project Food, travel and lifestyle journalist, Charyn Pfeuffer, swapped her BlackBerry for a backpack in June 2010 and is currently volunteering with 12 community projects in 12 countries over the course of 12 months.
  • The Gypsy’s Guide A place for vagabonds, daydreamers, and readers alike hosted by the resident gypsy, Angela. Like so many travelers, Angela has a particular affinity for Italy, but she will do just about anything to travel. Like-minded? Benvenuto!
  • The Lollipop Road Dedicated to providing family friendly travel resources with feature articles, candid reviews, travel deals and valuable travel tips.
  • The Mother of All Trips Travelogue, memoir, and meditation on motherhood, this blog offers tips about traveling with kids around the world and around the block.
  • The Q Family Adventures Travel A family travel blog by a working mom of 2 school-age kids who love to travel, live to travel and dream about travel. We hope to inspire family to travel one adventure at a time whether a day trip to the park, a weekend trip to the beach, a vacation trip or a dream trip to foreign land.
  • The Talking Trekaroo Trekaroo is a family travel review site 100% focused on travel with kids. Its a place for parents to connect through shared travel experiences. Our blog is a place where we feature destination ideas, hotel reviews, travel tips, and giveaways.
  • The Vacation Gals The Vacation Gals are three travel writers — and moms — who cover ideal destinations for family travel, romantic escapes and girlfriend getaways, plus travel tips and industry news.
  • The World is Calling We encourage and inspire families to travel together–in-state or abroad–and nudge couples to make periodic romantic escapes too!
  • Travel Blogs brings together the internet’s finest travel bloggers. Here, they share their unique stories and insights on, well, travel!
  • Travel Experta All You Need to Know About Traveling in Central America!
  • TravelPost TravelPost is the premier source for unbiased hotel reviews, hotel ratings and resort reviews. Our blog brings you the latest in travel: news, trends, tips and inspiration for your next trip.
  • Travel off the Cuff Blogging about my travels and aggregating the world of travel news and blogs.
  • Travel Savvy Mom Reviews of family hotels, destinations, all inclusive vacations and vacation rentals. Plus good family travel advice by moms for moms.
  • Travel with a Purpose Travel with a Purpose brings together travelers who want to tread a bit lighter while seeking out meaningful experiences and true cultural connections.
  • Travel with Teens and Tweens Provides reviews, resources and inspiration for families traveling with teens and tweens and for teens traveling solo.
  • Traveling with MJ Providing practical travel tips and information for practical travelers.
  • Travel Mamas Travel tips, printable packing lists, stories, and resources for parents who want to travel with children…and stay sane!
  • Travels of Adam An around-the-world, graphic-design travel blog. Among other things.
  • Travels with Pirates Wanderlust and marauding with the preschool set
  • Travels With Two Travels With Two, the travel blog for couples, aims to inspire you both to step away from your work…and together, get the heck out of dodge.
  • Two Kids and a Map Family travel blog about our adventures with our two kids down the street and around the world with an emphasis on Southern US destinations
  • Uncornered Market Husband and wife team sharing stories and photographs of people, food, adventure travel and personal growth from around the world.
  • Under Solen Media Under Solen Media’s favorite things from the outdoor, adventure and travel world.
  • Vagabondkids An American Family living in Singapore and traveling around SE Asia and other parts of the world. Real tips and stories about traveling in Asia with kids.
  • Wandering Educators is a resource for discovering extraordinary travel destinations, fascinating people, and global artists and photographers, international jobs, book reviews, and more.
  • wetravel2 Promoting your travel blog guide, plus a free travel directory. Add your site to our directory for free, and find ways to get more readers to your blog.
  • What a Trip Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown blogs at What a Trip – Travels from Northern California. She offers insider tips and best things to see and do while on your travels.
  • What Boundaries Travel Around the world travelers Cheryl & Lisa share travel tips & advice for living your dream! Visit them at
  • Where Am I Wearing? I go places. I write stuff. I talk about it. I’m the author of “Where Am I Wearing?”
  • Write to Travel Exploring the art and craft of travel writing
  • Writing Travel offers travel tips, photography, destination advice, and stories of idiosyncratic travel adventures.

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  1. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Hi Peter:
    Fantastic way to spread the word. Thanks so much for listing the whole backstage crew.

    And I’ve noticed that you are one of the most energetic promoters of PwP, besides coming up with a gift for the raffle, so people need to know that you’re one of those who care.

  2. lara dunston

    What a great idea to do this. Thanks for the inclusion. Adding links to Grantourismo of blogs we like has been on our to-do list all year. Starting to putting these folks under the heading of ‘Blogs that give back’ might be the idea. Thanks!

  3. The NVR Guys

    Great idea for a post. Thank you for recognizing us and all of the other bloggers who believe that it is incumbent upon us – as travelers and world citizens – to find ways to give back.

  4. Dominique

    Thanks for including me on this list, Peter.

    It’s been especially gratifying to see how the PwP project has grown from an idea hatched by a small group of bloggers who enlisted the community to become a well-organized group for whom a $50,000 fund raising goal is one that is realistically achieved and surpassed–all in three short years!


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