Blogger Packing – More Or Less

I have a list on my office wall. I have many lists. The list that is currently staring at me is a list of blog post topics. It’s long, it wants some attention and once in a while I take a bite and reduce the size of the list. Before gorging again on ideas, making the list grow.

On that list is a bullet point labeled: “Blogger Packing” That topic has been on the list about the longest, more than a year. I added it to the list at a time when I thought it would be helpful to list out what I typically took along on my travels in the realm of blogging. Camera, computer, gadgets, widgets and thingamabobs.

But now that it is 2011 (yes, I put that statement in there so I can look back at it and laugh) I am not understanding why I even listed such an item. Why did I think it’s important to list?  I mean, to blog about any travel, did I really think it was important to pack special gear? And more so, are there others of you out there who think such a list would be valuable?

Writing that blog post today, I find only a few items need to be on the list, which looks like:

  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Journal
  • Camera, if you are so inclined

Really, that’s it. Not much of a blog post, I know. I’m sure at the time I had grander schemes with all kinds of Amazon Affiliate links. Items without which you would simply parish in the realm of travel blogging. Oh yes, you have to have a voice recorder and an iPhone and a GPS tracker and a laptop and power cords for all these things and a power strip to connect the things to a single power source and an adapter to make the power strip fit in the wall and and and… Throw in a battery charger, business card holder (for yours and theirs) and a bag (probably stylish, new and made by Timbuk2) to hold it all, plus the brochures you will grab at every stop.

My idea of what is vital has changed since penning that idea to my list. I’m not more cynical, I’m more realistic about what I really need. I’m also not a “100 things” person or a minimalist with a manifesto.

I have found that the three plus one things above are really all I need. The pen is obvious. The notebook is for daily stuff; details, quotes and it holds business cards, entry tickets, etc.. The journal is more personal and is a place to capture feelings, emotions and deeper thoughts from the day or days. The camera comes along because  I suck at drawing pictures or painting.

This list may not work for you and I am curious to know what you find most vital to pack for travel blogging. What’s on your list? And do you have one already posted? I’d love to see it as I know my answer won’t work for everyone.

Oh, and if you are extremely disappointed that there was no Amazon link, here, buy the Fisher Space Pen Stowaway. It fits inside of any notebook (especially if you cut out a hole for it) and works in all conditions. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an item to cross off my list.

10 Replies to “Blogger Packing – More Or Less”

      • Jeremy

        for 49.00 how can you pass that up. It’s a steal. Although if I recall an earlier post, you mentioned something about doing away with a cell phone.

      • Peter West Carey Post author

        Jeremy, I can’t reply to your reply to my reply because of limits of WordPress. $49 you say? Where? Without some God-awful contract? My original idea was iPhone/Android without an expensive contract so I can mainly use Skype and wifi.
        I see iPhones on sale for around $100 but that includes $50/month plans. Over a two year contract that is me spending $480 more than I want to. Unlocked iPhone I can use on a pay-per-minute plan = awesome.

  1. Laurel Fan

    It should be like 3 pens. Pens are easy to lose and apparently there are many countries where everyone uses crappy pens!

    (though one of my favorite pens was actually from Narita airport)

  2. Red

    Agree – a trusty little notepad and pen are essential. Used to always wing it….thinking I’d remember details and could write them down the next day or whenever it was convenient. That caused a lot of extra, unnecessary work.

  3. Peter

    I agree with your post however…I know that I’m clutching at straws, I prefer a pencil over a pen. Less chance for a backpack ink explosion and prefer it to when Im sketching, scribbling and writing down madly.


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