Blog Update: HUGE Photos And A New Look

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made some big updates to the look and feel of the blog and I want to give you a quick intro to help you get the most from this site.

First of all, if you are viewing this in a RSS reader or email, you’ll need to click on over to a web browser to get the full effect. Click here to get started:

It Responds To Your Screen Size Much Better

The first thing you will notice is a new look. There are now columns of posts with big previews. The number of columns you see will depend on your screen size and orientation. The nice this is this new layout is responsive, meaning it will respond to your device. If you view it on a phone, it will have one clean column. On a wider screen it will have two or three columns.

Huge Photos If You Want Them

When you click on a blog post (either the title or “Read More”) there is also a new layout. This is what I’m excited about. HUGE photos, if your screen can handle them. If not, BIG photos. Blog posts will have two formats for vertical or horizontal images so I can highlight the photos in a commanding way.

If the image takes up the entire screen, use your scroll or swipe function to scroll down and see the text you are used to seeing with, for instance, the Photo Of The Day. Here, try it with this photo of Mt. Rainier. If the image doesn’t take up your whole screen, try changing the size of your browser window by dragging a corner. It’s fun to watch the image magically resize.

Navigating The Site

Next, there is hidden navigation panel on the left. Just look for the Thing on the side and hover over it (or click it on a tablet/phone). In the main blog screen there is one on the right as well that shows the day’s most popular posts.

Slideshows Are Now Awesome

Lastly, there is some great fun to be had with gallery photos. I’ll be posting more of these as I have seen how awesome they come out. First, after you read the words that go with the slides show, you can get rid of them and use your entire browser window for just pictures. Look for an x in the upper right corner of the text box. Poof! No more words, just all pictures. Next you can swipe on a tablet or use your scroll wheel on a computer to move between the photos. Or just use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the images.

Not only that, but when on the main page of the blog, the one with all the columns, you can flip through a slideshow without having to click through to the post. Mind you, the slideshow on the main page is just a highlight slideshow and may not contain all the images. Still, it looks cool (and I’ll have video show up there too so you can just play it from the blog view screen).

What Doesn’t Work So Well

If you are reading this in an RSS reader or email, let me first apologize for making your world temporarily harder.  This new theme doesn’t pass through the images as the last theme did. I am working on how to make this happen so you don’t have to click on the website link each time.  Second, old posts that haven’t been updated will still have photos, but they won’t be in the right location (i.e. HUGE!), but they will retain all their old info.

Thank You!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has read this bog on and off over the last eight years. I hope the posts here have done what I intend them to do: Show you the beauty of the world we live on and inspire you to go out and see it for yourself.


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