Because iPhones Are Becoming Cool Cameras

Yeah, I know I’m a bit behind the times, but for good reason. Cell phone cameras have, traditionally, sucked. Not so with the camera on the iPhone 4s. One was put into my hands recently and I have been hooked since because it fits a niche.

It not only is ‘with me all the time’ but it also takes good photos. Not just decent, good. Not great, good. (Well, actually, great photos in the right conditions, but not on average.) I have been impressed with the images that come out of the camera. And with programs like Smugmug’s Camera Awesome, it makes sharing and playing easy as never before.

I have been thinking about how to integrate this tool into my quiver of image creation devices. For me, the images are not as crisp as those that come out of my Canon 7D, but they also tell a story more quickly and easily. What I’ve come up with, is a sidebar widget to show random images, as well as including them in posts. These images will all be hosted over at Smugmug with my PWC One The Road account and they will be quick snaps, often stamped with the location, while I travel. Not perfect, just real life on the road as it happens.

Check out the the sidebar and click through to see more photos. It will grow as my iPhone and I make our way through the world.

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  1. Lynne

    The iPhone is a brilliant story-telling device! I shoot food and still life subjects with both my DSLR and the iPhone in tandem. I have the iPhone 4 and am holding out for the 5! Looking forward to your sidebar of images with the 4S.


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