Balboa Island As Seen Through A Sigma DP2 Merrill

I’ve been spending more time in California these days, especially the lands South of LA. Orange County, if you will.

Yesterday we headed out to Balboa Island because it was too fickin’ hot when going to a park inland. Being close to the water usually offers a drop in temperatures and it was a nice 80F compared to 91F inland. Coming from Washington, I prefer numbers that don’t start with 9. 80F with a breeze off the ocean works well for me.

I was also testing out a Sigma DP2 Merrill point and shoot camera. This is no ordinary point and shoot. It boasts a new kind of sensor that gives amazing detail and is typically found in their SD-1 Merrill DSLR camera.

Below are a few images from the outing around town. It’s a laid back beach town with not enough parking but plenty of ice cream. And if you want to check out the detail possible with this camera, click on an image for a full size version.



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