April 2021 Goals Check-In

Trying to keep myself accountable by making goals public, it’s time for a check-in with my goals for 2021. Here’s the original post and February’s progress report.

2021 Goals

  • Book 12 clients for Nepal and Bhutan Photo Tours in 20224 out of 16 total spot booked! Super excited! We have spots left for Feb/Mar of 2022. Get your shot and get on that plane!
  • Drop weight to 175 lbs – 193 currently, progress!
  • Be very fit and capable of long hikes – New Goal added this month. I was a sloth for March and it really bugged me by the end. Besides the lack of energy, it was the inertia against moving that had my brain yelling at my body. After a solid week of exercise (mainly treadmill and bike), I can comfortably walk 6 miles at a brisk pace without stopping or water. 
  • Finish 43 Days Photo series and promote – Wrap it in some form of revenue generation – No progress. 🙁 I know there is desire for this material, but my own standards are keeping me from moving. Like exercising, I need to break the inertia. Look for more posts to start appearing here
  • Do the same for the 40 experimentsLooking at this post, I’m up to day 23. That’s three more than the beginning of the year. I’d like to make these in video format as well. Would that be helpful?
  • Record and submit 5000 drone video clips: 
    • 1454 Submitted – As today is the 94th day of the year, I should be at 1287 clips, so I am ahead of schedule here.
  • Keyword 5000 backlog images: DONE! 
    • 5500 – Ah, the magic of Lightroom plugins. I’ll have more about this in a future post about automating keywording (it’s not perfect) and help with captioning. These two things together with GPS info has helped me blast through my goal and get 5500 images online. Not perfect, but basic keywords and captions. Refinement to follow.
  • Read/listen to 100 books and finish off what is on my shelf: 
    • 20 – Goodreads says I am 4 books behind. Need to get back at it! Along those lines, I’m going to start posting monthly book reviews of what I covered the last 4 weeks.
  • Visit 25 state parks:
    • Will Rogers SHP
    • Brannan Island SRA – This park was added late at night as I was trying to find some place to camp on the way home from Seattle. Nice little place outside of Stockton, CA
  • Cruise with Uncruise for work – Things are in the works and still waiting on timing. Glad to see they are now requiring vaccinations of crew and guest.
  • Cruise with Windstar for work – Like Uncruise, they are also requiring vaccinations. 
  • Sign up with two other cruise companies for work this year or next – No progress but it seems I’m really drawn to cruises currently. I love the water and the challenge of getting high-quality promotional shots. Alaska Dream Cruises is on my list to contact for next year. It took me three years of trying before I got a gig with Uncruise, so it takes time.

  • Visit Utah and explore backroads, including badlands outside of Capitol Reef NPNo progress yet, but still plotting and planning options.
  • Visit Tuolumne Meadow in YosemiteSame
  • Walk an extra 1000 miles (2.73/day):
    • 100.47 – I should be at 247.  Oops. I have some catchup to do.
  • Row 650km (1.78/day): 
    • 29.1 – Ouch, no progress. Should be at 167. Maybe I could get someone to tow the rower?
  • Bike 2500 miles (6.85/day): 
    • 364 – 643 is my current target. I started off the year so well when I was working out almost every day with Sabrina. Now she’s back at college and I need to get back on the bike!
  • Be less of an asshole when I drive – 34 days of being nice! Remember I don’t drive every day, but I’m already doing better than before.
  • Donate blood 13 times:
    • 4 – Feeling good about this one. I backed off my goal from 20 for the year when I found out if I wait 28 days between donations they can pull more plasma along with the platelets, making the trip two or three times more useful for others. Consider donating this month! 
  • Volunteer 12 times: 
    • 4 – I don’t have my opportunity scheduled for this month but it will likely be LA Food Bank again. They run a good operation. 
  • Go Kayaking and Camping in Canada with Nimmi – Fingers crossed that Canada opens their borders before the summer.

That’s the update! I need to get exercising more but now that I’ve broke the inertia, it’s just the task of not getting too busy and slacking off. Otherwise, I’m happy with progress on all fronts. Baby steps!