And back to the airport

We’re back at the airport at the Ramada just off 170th, by the graveyard (got plenty of garlic, don’t worry). It’s actually a nice Ramada and the pool isn’t a bad color like our last trip. They also have Park & Fly for $7/day which is a lot better than the $20/day at the terminal. We’ll see if it’s as convenient as the $10/day Master Park.

We’ve eaten dinner and Sabrina’s now taking a bath and seems quite tired. Kim is packing and repacking things to try to get our number of bags down. We’ve got three carry-ons (two clothes and one camera bag) and just about have one ‘personal item’ which would be heaven to me. I think it’ll work.

For this trip I’m going to be taking pictures at Cari and Richard’s wedding on Saturday followed by two days of bumming around. It should be fun. We’re thinking of heading into the city to Central Park so Sabrina can see Balto’s Statue and maybe see the Statue of Liberty or the New York Zoo.

I’ve got a new gallery started for this trip located at

The phone update thingy is broken, so I’ll try to update this site each evening or as time permits.


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