An Odd Kind Of Camping Art

Description: Warning, I am feeling more and more like taking any odd photo these days.

As an artist of sorts, like many, I have periods of ‘creative drought’ where I can’t think or feel of anything to image. My last one started soon after I returned from Nepal and Bhutan last year.

All through the summer and up until maybe the new year, I couldn’t be bothered to pick up a camera or phone and create something, anything. I took the standard family travel photos and I did lots of filming for the driving plate work I do, but real creative work was on ice.

Maybe it was as simple as putting up new calendars (yes, I have more than one because I often buy from various friends that sell their own artwork in calendar form, like this one or this one or this one). Whatever it was, the switch turning back to ‘CREATE’ is welcome.

And now I am seeing odd things as (possible) art and I also harbor a growing desire to start writing again; about travel, about photography and about odd things on my mind.

With all that said, here’s a photo of steamed up glasses, resulting from trying to sip hot water from a titanium mug after opening the lid on a George Foreman panini grill while I was making my daughter and myself veggie burgers at Yosemite National Park this last week. The glare from my headlight turned the glasses mostly opaque and the awesome grill can been seen in the bottom.

(More on my switch to electric car camping can be found here.)

Yes, that is a s’mores kit in the middle left of the frame. Not everything works with electric-only camping, because a campfire is always the best option for s’mores.

Location: Upper Pines Campground, Yosemite National Park, California, USA, North America

Photograph copyright, Peter West Carey. All right reserved.

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