African Safari’s Big 5

You go to Africa.

You drive a safari.

You take pictures.

Laws require you to post pictures of the Big 5.  Not Big Five.  Big 5.

Yes, laws.  I’m not sure which, but they’re on the internet.  Look up “Big 5 Laws”.

What are the  Big 5?  Stealing from Wikipedia, they are “the lion, the African elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros.”  Originally picked because they were tough to hunt, some, like the Cape Buffalo, seem kinda funny to have on the list.  In reality, they are all fairly easy to find except the rhino in Tanzania.  Our guide mentioned there were only seven black rhino in the Serengeti National Park and about 20 in Ngorongoro Crater (where we spotted ours, off at a distance).  The others, meh, all over the place.  In trees, in the grass.  Ummm, just those two places.  Trees and grass.

Here are my takes on the Big 5 from Africa.

Cape Buffalo



African Elephant

Black Rhinos

Wishing to purchase a print of one of these photos?  Just email me and we’ll work it out!

And don’t forget!  The Big 5 are included in the African Animals 2011 calendar!

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