Adventures in Baking

Sabrina and I needed to bake some treats for school tomorrow.  It’s Sabrina’s birthday and if you like, you can bring something in for everyone in your class room.  As there are five grades in her room (1-5) that means a few of something.

She and Kim decided on some breads.  Pumpkin and Nut Bread in this case.  Out comes the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook and Kim sets out all the ingredients for us.

Now, I’ve made many, many banana breads in my days.  They are pretty simple and quick.  I read over both recipies (on the opposite page from the banana bread, for those following along) and thought I had it down.  Sabrina and I started with the nut bread and it came close to filling the loaf pan.  I thought this odd but Sabrina said her and Kim did one once and it was like that and then settled down.  I still thought this odd but threw it in the over any way, then off to mixing  the pumpkin bread.

After about 15 minutes something started to smell like it was burning.  Sure enough, the nut bread was over the edge and dripping all over the bottom of the oven.  EEEKKkk!!  Pictured below is what came out of the oven.



We were able to resuce it by scooping some out (it’s still not done, so we’ll see if the operation was a success) and then letting the oven cool so I could clean it.  Sabrina really liked the parts that dripped to the bottom as they weren’t charcoal yet and actually tasty little dollops of bread.  So all wasn’t bad, just a lesson learned.