Acme Made Camera Bag Giveaway

It’s time to spice things up a bit. Let’s hold a giveaway!

The folks at Acme Made sent me a bag for review but it’s really not going to work with any of my cameras. For the record, Acme Made is not the company that supplies Willey E. Coyote with explosives. They, instead, make nice looking camera, iPhone and laptop bags.

So my inability to use the case is your chance to pick it up!  The bag is meant for ultra-zoom type cameras or the ones with the lens always attached. About that size. You can find specifics of the bag here on Acme Made’s site. I didn’t even noticed the lens cap pouch the first time through. Neat idea!  It’s sleek. It’s stylish. And it comes with a shoulder strap and a velcro loop in the back for attaching to a belt, pack strap or possibly a small gerbil.

The contest rules are pretty standard, with a twist. Open to USA residence only and I’ll pay the shipping. One entry per person. Only actual humans can enter. The drawing will be held on, or about, Tuesday the 24th of May, 2011. I will use to pick a winner based on the order of entry. Deadline to enter is Monday, May 23rd, 2011 at 11:00pm PDT.

To enter, do one good thing for someone else, without them asking you to do it, and then leave a comment below. The comment need not be about the good thing you did at all. And the level of goodness does not matter as it’s a random drawing. Here are a couple more photos of the bag to be won. Click any picture for a larger version.

Good luck!


19 Replies to “Acme Made Camera Bag Giveaway”

  1. Nicki Rakitti

    Hmmm, not one comment? Too bad you can’t ship to Canada. 😉 But regardless, my good deed for today was to treat my friend to an A&W lunch so he wouldn’t have to eat his frozen, microwave “watchamacallit” alone.

  2. Laura Fish

    I loved my granddaughter today. Not a chore, but a real pleasure. By the way, I love your site…and no, this is not me cruising for extra points…I know the selection is random.

  3. Steve R

    I sent a link to this site to a friend so he can comment later and enter the contest…. Lessens my chances, but it was a nice thing to do!

  4. Ashutosh Gogate

    Hmmm. The good deed has to be done on humans? I hope not. Carried a wounded dog home, cleaned it’s leg wound, applied some medication, and fed it, made it comfortable to sleep. When I got home after work, he was gone! I sure hope he is ok, and that if he feels hungry comes back.

  5. Carole Broadhurst

    Would love to give this camera bag to a friend who is a real photography buff. He has been good to me over the years and I’d like to show my appreciation to him.

  6. The GastroGnome

    I’ve given into the lure of buying my first dSLR and am currently shopping about for the right one. It would be nice to have a great camera bag to put it in. In order to up my chances, I’ve been doing lots of extra nice things. Come on, Karma!

  7. Kathryn

    I helped a customer get what they needed even though another party hadn’t done their part of the job. Trying to give 100%!

  8. Steve Woodie

    My wife is dealing with debilitating back surgery, over six months now. I took her to a doc appointment today, which she made us late for. Told her it was fine, rescheduled it for her, stopped on the way home and got her dinner. But I’m not sure if this is a good deed, or just my duty. So maybe if I get the bag, that’ll settle the issue!

  9. Taunya

    Nice bag, will work well with the emergency camera I had to buy in Alaska when my shutter failed me. My good deed is to pay the bridge toll for the car behind me.

  10. Shirley

    A few weeks ago I bought groceries for my goddaughter’s mom who lives out of state. I had to ask my son’s godmother to get the groceries who also lives in the vicinity. She hasn’t been eating really well and is going through a separation with her husband, has two kids, and has Anxiety. I asked her for a wish grocery list. I added more healthier foods to her list too. I figured that providing her with nourishing foods for a week would alleviate her stress and could give her some strength to hurdle her through the next level of her challenges. It was random and it had to be cleverly coordinated. I was being the best human being I could possibly be while being hundreds of miles away.

  11. Erin Fleming

    I stumbled across a great job that would be good for me but GREAT for a friend of mine so I forwarded it to her.

  12. Julie Kelly

    I would be honored to win a bag from you Peter, as long as you Autograph it for me. LOL 😀 Enjoyed your lightroom tips article. Thanks for sharing.

    Julie Kelly

  13. Iris Hicks

    I took some photos of a friend in her Norwegian 17.Mai outfit that made her mother cry when she saw them. I enjoyed your LR article and I really really could use this bag.

  14. Laura

    What a great, thoughtful idea! Thanks for the reminder to think kindly. And for the giveaway chance. 🙂

  15. Peter West Carey Post author

    And the winner is #15, which is Iris Hicks! Iris, I will email you for more info.
    Thank you to everyone who entered and did something good for someone else. Your entry was certainly not wasted.

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