A Great Stay At Dreams Tulum In The Mexican Riviera Maya

Sabrina And The Lobby Building At Dreams Tulum Luxury is not my normal beat. But I also don’t turn my back on it. Maybe you would call it a hybrid lifestyle or some other goofy catchphrase. I’m simply not one to quickly poo-poo nice accommodations because they cost more per night than my tent costs altogether. I can honestly go either way. On the dirt, in a hostel with a pack of kiddies, a nice B&B by the sea or even something as nice as our last stay in Mexico at the Dreams Tulum.

Riviera Maya invited my daughter and I down to check out the family scene along the stretch of beach south of Cancun on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. We had both been to the Pacific side of Mexico, twice, so this was a chance for something new; warm Caribbean waters, for one. You see, Sabrina loves water as much as I do, so I knew we’d enjoy it as long as we could get to the beach.

Dreams Tulum is set right on the beach as most resorts on this strip are. If you’re not in an eco-jungle lodge, you need to be on the beach. It’s why the vacationers flock here. At least in the cold North America/Europe winters. The VIP treatment we received as part of the Junior Suite package was nice (champagne upon arrival and a Shirley Temple for Sabrina…little things like that) and this was our first experience with an all inclusive resort.

The Spa At Dreams Tulum It was an eye opener of an experience! First, I really liked that I was treated as an adult. I didn’t have to wear a wristband, like those I saw so often on our excursions outside of the resort. When we were in the pool after it closed (hint: read the schedule!) we were politely told they were cleaning it and we should take a shower to get the chlorine off. Things like that. Second, the food was good and well presented. I’m an easy man to please, food-wise, so don’t expect a thorough food critique. It was fresh, tasty and plentiful. Well, the mac and cheese Sabrina had the second night did taste a little off. But really, mac and cheese is not a Mexican dish.

We got a personal tour of the grounds where some of their ‘greening’ (accckkk! That phrase still bugs me) efforts were explained. It’s nothing monumental, replacing concrete swathes with local plants and trees, making the heating and cooling systems intertwine to use less power, things like that. But it is better than nothing.

We were also shown the Explorer’s Club. Oh my. I wanted to hang out there and leave my daughter to go fend for herself. Basically it’s an area set aside just for kids 3-12. Parents can drop their kids off from 9am-10pm and know their children are well taken care of by Red Cross certified staff. And they dress cool too. Explorer's Club All kinds of activities are planned throughout the day, every day. Climbing wall, crafts, art, games, movies, etc… And, they can have a campout on the beach Friday nights to give Mom and Dad a true night off (plus they will give you a cell phone for contact while your kid is at the CLub)  Dreams Tulum is definitely a kid friendly establishment and we saw families every day. Mostly the younger crowd, infant to seven I’d say, due to school being in in the USA. When I found out we were heading to a resort, I was, honestly, worried we wouldn’t feel like we fit in with my stereotype idea of a resort (young couples, old couples, people wanting an escape from kids). I’m happy I was wrong, families fit in nicely.

I could go on and on about all the activities there are for the more social butterflies out there; movies on the beach, dance competitions, water volleyball, pools, jacuzzis, Corona filling the free mini-bar in the room, romantic beach dinners for couples, a full spa, etc… But this post is already getting huge.

But wait! Some of my gripes? For one, the website made me think everyone there had to wear a white bathing suit. It’s freaky like that and it freaked us out when we saw someone in the spa with one. But no, it’s not a cult. It’s just for the pictures on the website. Second, not knowing I was going to a resort when I left the house days before my flight, I packed no button down shirts, just t-shirts. So I wasn’t prepared when all the restaurants mentioned “No T-shirts” for dinner admittance. That did make me feel it was a bit stuffy. In the end we did eat out one night on the patio with live music and all was fine.

My conclusion, if you’re into the luxury thing and all inclusive resorts, you’re going to enjoy Dreams Tulum.  Well run, great staff, prime location (no resorts within miles) and a healthy atmosphere. 

I’ll end with some photos of the grounds. The wedding shots?   They have over 400 there a year and it is an ideal spot on the water for one. And very close to the bar.

The Beach

The great wait staff

The grounds

Giant Chess and checkers


Happy couples, awwww 

Jogging track

Wedding time

Wedding recption on the beach

One of the pools. WILSON!!!

Bacon! All you can eat.