A Block Of Puerto Vallarta As Seen In License Plates

Wandering Puerto Vallarta, I was struck with how international areas of the town were. Up from the water, the homes become modest and comfortable. A place I would like to live. Near the beach, the highrises and hotels crowd the sun and beckon travelers to the water’s edge. The stretch along the beach can have a large variety of visitors from around Mexico and further away.

To show this diversity, I turned to license plates. For some reason, they tend to fascinate me and are something I look to in each country I visit. I wasn’t looking for exotic plates from the tip of Chile or Northwest Territories. I wasn’t looking for anything, really. I simply found the variety of plates, as compared the hills around the beach, to be interesting. Here are the license plates from just one side of one block of Puerto Vallarta I found on my recent trip.

Disclaimer: My trip to Puerto Vallarta was arranged by Velas Vallarta resort. As always, I retain control over what I post on my blog and no one has editorial input. And really, do you think Velas Vallarta flew me all the way down to Mexico just to take pictures of license plates and forced me to write about them here? They were cool, but not insane.

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