31+ Days Of Photography Experiments

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I’m giving the experiments an update!!

More experiments! More up-to-date info! The new series is call 40 Photography Experiments and this time, I’m going to write them all!!

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The Original Content

31+ Days of Photography Experiments is here to help you learn photography concepts through active learning. My goal is to help you take better pictures by presenting topics for you to shoot at home at your own pace. Take your time and think about what each experiment is asking and then try it yourself. And have fun!

Below are the topics we will cover in this month long series. If you haven’t already, you might want to subscribe in order to receive all the lessons as they are posted daily. I will be linking posts from the list below as they are written, so check back often to see what is new if you decide not to subscribe. I will be linking to my 31+ Days To Better Photography series and if you haven’t read those topics, now might be a good time.

The series is free. There’s no catch. I am writing this mainly for past students of mine who want real-world tasks they can perform to gain practical experience with their camera. Learning photography, like any art, takes persistence and repetition and I hope this series can help you become a better photographer.

The Experiments

(Experiments can be completed in any order, but it may help to start from the top and work down. If a subject is not clickable, it has not yet been written.)

Whew! I hope you have fun and learn a lot with this series.

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31+ Days Of Photography Experiments is a series written by professional photographer Peter West Carey on The Carey Adventures.Com. The series is designed to unravel the mysteries of photography so you can take better pictures through practical experiments on the material found in 31+ Days To Better Photography. Subscribe here to receive all the updates and bonus material. Your comments are always welcome.

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12 Replies to “31+ Days Of Photography Experiments”

  1. Allyson England

    Hi Peter

    Okies… I have had a go at experiment 9 – “one subject ten photos” and posted it on Flickr:


    Hope you can get time to check them out. Would love to know what your thoughts.

    I am tempted to have another go with a subject that is not so static another time.

    Thanks for this inspiration, I have really enjoyed the challenge, especially as I decided to keep my camera in Manual mode throughout. I agree with one of your other subscribers – keeping the camera on manual and not slipping back into the security of the semi automatic modes is the only way to learn. I’m not so sure I will have the courage to “let go” of the semi automatic modes when when doing a shoot of my friends new grandson next week though :-s

    I have sent the link for your 31 days to a friend of mine in America who has just started doing a photography course. I love the way you explain things – I have so many great images that stick in my mind when I am trying to get to grips with my camera.

    Thanks again


    • Peter West Carey Post author


      Nice set and it looks like you took the challenge to heart. Getting out of total auto is a first step. Moving toward Manual is another. I often don’t shoot in Manual unless both aperture and shutter speed are vital. That may seem odd, but sometimes, I just don’t care about the other setting all that much to make it something I have to adjust manually. Portraits would be a time when I would care about both, but I need not shoot that way all the time.

      Good luck with the shoot and I hope your friend finds useful information when they visit.

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