2021 Goal Tracking

As you may recall, I posted my 2021 Goals on this blog as a means of being somehow held accountable. Some of you had mentioned similar goals you were trying so I thought it might be helpful to take a measure near the beginning of each month to see where we are all at.

I’m not going to cover all the goals, but will highlight the ones with numbers that are easy to track. Plus a number of my goals were travel related and that still waiting on vaccines and ‘normalcy’.

  • Drop weight to 175 – Currently 195 – No real progress here in absolute numbers but I am getting more focused on reducing total caloric intake. 
  • Record and submit 5000 drone video clips (14/day):  551 – Ahead of my goal! At this rate I’ll have over 6600 clips but I know not every month will be this stellar. It helped that there was some fantastic and clear weather in LA this month. If you’re interested in some clips, check them out at Overflight Stock. Curious what Universal Studios looks like from the air? Check it out here.
  • Keyword 5000 backlog images: 0 – A big goose egg on this one. Keywording is just NOT the enjoyable part of stock photography. But it is needed! I have over 5000 images that need it currently. 
  • Read/listen to 100 books and finish off what is on my shelf: 6 – A little behind on this one but I know I can make it up. Currently I’m really enjoying Prisoners Of Geography that Nimmi bought me for Christmas. It should be required reading in high school to better understand the basics of geopolitical interactions and aspirations.
  • Visit 25 state parks (2/month): Will Rogers SHP – Just one park this month with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Walk an extra 1000 miles (2.75/day): 39.67 – I should be at 85 miles, so a little behind. 
  • Row 650km (1.8/day): 29.1 – Behind here as well (55 is my current goal). I’ll be getting to it more this month as I found I enjoy audiobooks while rowing more than biking.
  • Bike 2500 miles (6.8/day):  311.20 – Crushing this goal as I should be around 210 miles. The bike is quieter and thus easier to enjoy a movie while working out.
  • Be less of an asshole when I drive – 12 – Positive progress! I don’t drive every day so this shouldn’t be 31, but I also am not perfect. Instead of measuring against 100% of the time, I’m just trying to improve and be conscience of it each time I drive. The way the crazies down here drive, it’s not easy.
  • Donate platelets 13 times:
    • 1/12 – 1/29 – This goal got reduced when I learned that if I wait 27 days between donations, they usually can also acquire two units of plasma along with the platelets. That seems a good use of everyone’s time so I am backing off to make this more realistic. Want to make a donation yourself? Sign up with the Red Cross.
  • Volunteer 12 times: 
    • 1/14 – 1/19 – Ahead of the goal here and had the pleasure of working with Sabrina on one of the days!

So where are you with your goals? Thank you to those of you who shared your goals with me after my previous post, I’ll be checking in with you soon!