Who Wants To Go For A Paddle With A Rainbow And Mountains?

Description: Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve is by far one of my favorite parks. It’s so massive and mostly untouched because the vast majority of visitors come in on a boat of some kind and don’t stay long.

It also has two of my favorite aspect of Nature in abundance: the sea and mountains. And in the case of this photo, a rainbow to boot!

This photo was taken while guests aboard the Uncruise Adventures Safari Endeavour were eating breakfast and getting ready for a day of adventure. As the exhaust vent for the galley is near the back of the boat, I can still smell that delicious bacon wafting through the air as I took these photos (even though I am now vegetarian and don’t eat it….I can still enjoy the smell 🙂 ).

Soon enough the 42 guests will make their way to the unique launch platform (originally built to store jetskis, Uncruise wisely repurposed the floats to make launching and returning kayaks while at sea super easy for guests) and head off to enjoy the peace and serenity that abounds in this park.

Four kayaks sit on the back deck of a small 170' cruise ship waiting for passengers to hop in and take a paddle.

Where are they paddling today? In the distance are towering peaks of Glacier Bay National Park. They rise up directly from the water with little to no shore. The mountains are about a mile away and speckled with patches of snow and green forest or shrubs down lower. There are wispy clouds and a slight rainbow has started on the left side of the frame. 

The blue sky, well, mostly blue, is reflected in the water and invites you to come play on the serene surface of this amazing National Park.

Location: Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, USA, North America

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