When Is It Not An Aerial Photo?

Description: The subject line is a bit of a rhetorical question, or maybe a thought experiment. Or maybe it is vey late and I’m a little tired.

After flying my drone for 30 minutes taking video and photos of the pretty and not as pretty things, I had a little time left on the battery and this tree by itself.

I took the time to make a few passes and like this composition best. In the end, this is image could just about be taken from the ground and you’d never know. I think the drone was only 9′ above the scrub brush.

So….it is an aerial photo because it was taken from an aerial platform. But is that all that makes it an aerial photo for you? Or would you consider this a ‘regular’ photo that happen to be taken with a drone?

Location: Northern California, USA, North America

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email)

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