What Would You Change – Seattle Skyline

“I could do better than that!” is a common refrain heard amongst photographers. We see some picture on a billboard and wonder how it got there because, in our humble opinions, we can certainly do better than that. Heck, we might even have a photo of that same subject that is way better already!

It is those people I want to hear from now. I am lucky to have a plethora of positive supporters who give me props and thumbs-up on social media when I post pretty pictures. But I am looking for something more critical because I always strive to improve. And I’m feeling a bit stagnant as of late. I also start way too many sentences with conjunctions.

Here it is then, your first assignment:

Panorama: Before Sunrise In Seattle, Washington, USA

You can see a larger version here.

If you download the image to make your own edits, please note that the image is copyrighted and can not be used for any purpose other than to edit and post here. No stealing, please.

Take to the comments section below and let me know what you would change. Anything and everything is fair game. I’m looking for divergent opinions from my own and there is no wrong answer.

Inspire me with your view of the world.